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Caught a cold


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I woke up this morning, at 12:30... okay so this afternoon, feeling awful. My throat was killing me, I had a headache, and my face felt like it was going to explode. As soon as I got up my nose started running, mainly from my right nostril, go figure, and it hasn't quit all day. I took some ibuprofen to lessen the headache and lower my fever. And what a wonderful day it was for a cold....NOT...I had a paper to write. What should have taken me an hour or so took me half the day. After that I took a bath to try to clear my head a little... did it help... of course not. By that time I could no longer smell anything and my body was completely drained, however, my stomach was kindly informing me of the necessecity of food so I bundled myself up to go down to the cafeteria. I then dined with two friends and my roomate. There expressions cheered me up though, whenever they looked at me they were torn between laughing at how out of it I was and that look of caring and wishing they could do something. I was glad for dinner to be over though cause all I wanted to do was lay down. After dinner I laid down and watched two movies, crocheted, and delt with a friend in crisis. I also got to talk to my fiance which made me feel a little better but was really hard because he just left yesterday after visiting me (I hadn't seen him for 6 months and won't again for another 3). So now I sit here feeling awful just wanting to sleep but it's really hard with my nose continually dripping. Also now the coughing and sneezing have started. I hate coughing because once I start it is almost impossible to stop. It's at that really unproductive phase of these dry throat killing ones. Sneezing, on the other hand, isn't so bad. It's only frustrating when they catch me off guard. These sneezes give way less warning then my normal ones and also produce a large amount of spray... not a great mix... luckily though, since I'm constantly wiping and blowing my nose I usually have a tissue on hand.

So yeah,

that is my little rant for now. Hopefully I get to feeling a little better so I can get some enjoyment out of this. At least you guys might get some.

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