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Lucid Sneezing (f)


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Well, here goes nothing... :sillybounce:

“Mommy, where’s Hannah?” asked a young girl named Betty, running up to her mother. She had spent all day after school looking for her older sister, but had no luck in finding her. “Oh, she’s taking a nap in her room,” replied Betty’s mother. Betty frowned. “But she promised she’d play with me today!” complained the girl. “I’m sorry honey, but Hannah’s been really sleepy all week and she just needed to get some rest. I’m sure she’ll be awake in a few hours.” Betty’s frown intensified. “Fine!” she pouted, storming out of the room.

Betty wandered around the house, trying to think of something to do. She really wanted to play with her big sister, but she couldn’t do that if she was asleep. Or could she? Betty suddenly came up with an unorthodox idea. She hurried off to the closet where her mother kept the housekeeping supplies. Betty opened the closet door and removed an old feather duster. Her mother never used it to clean anymore, but she had long since forgotten about it and never got around to getting rid of it. After some careful examination, Betty’s questionable theory of what happens to dust when brushed up with feathers was crushed. Instead of simply disappearing, the dust now clung to the duster’s fluffy feathers, making them appear worn and gray. A troublesome grin spread across Betty’s face as she hid the duster and scampered off to Hannah’s bedroom.

Upon entering, Betty found Hannah sound asleep in her bed. She had pulled the large, puffy down quilt over herself and had fallen asleep facing the door, her face almost hanging over the side of the bed. After stepping inside all the way, Betty closed the bedroom door and locked it. Without turning on the lights, she crept over to her sister’s bed, brandishing the feather duster in her left hand. Betty arrived at the bed and quickly pulled the quilt away. She giggled softly as she discovered that Hannah was sleeping in nothing more than her bra and panties. Betty gave Hannah’s thigh a little tickle with the duster and giggled again as her sister aimlessly swatted at it as she slept. “Just because you’re sleepy doesn’t mean we can’t play together!”

A combination of curiosity and a very strong feeling of mischief came over Betty. She grabbed one of the duster’s feathers with her thumb and forefinger. Pulling rather forcefully, she managed to separate the single feather from the duster. After crawling up close to Hannah’s face, Betty held out the feather. After a dramatic pause, Betty began to slide the dusty feather back and forth across the underside of Hannah’s long nose. Betty held back a giggle as Hannah’s nose wrinkled in response. After a few seconds of tickling, Hannah snorted, causing Betty to recoil in shock. Managing to suppress a yelp, she watched as Hannah rubbed the underside of her nose with her fingers.

After she had finished rubbing, Hannah left her hand dangling over her face. Betty carefully moved her sister’s hand out of the way and raised the feather again. As she continued, Betty discovered that tickling the underside of Hannah’s nose did little more than make her wrinkle and rub it. Betty needed to try something more devious. She stopped momentarily, and then carefully began to tickle around the edges of Hannah’s long, curved nostrils. This time, the response was more gratifying.


Hannah sat in the back seat of her mother’s car between her two friends, Jenny and Beth. Last week, the three girls had made plans to go on a camping trip during the long weekend after school. Hannah’s mother was the only one available to chaperone, so much to Hannah’s dismay, she ended up driving the three girls. During the whole trip, Hannah’s mother had discussed embarrassing details about her daughter with Jenny and Beth. All Hannah could do was sit and blush. However, something else for her to worry about had recently emerged. A rather potent tickle was creeping into Hannah’s nose.

Looking cross-eyed down at the tip of her nose, Hannah wondered what was bothering her. Hannah was a hay-fever sufferer, but she didn’t experience the symptoms this time of year, so she knew that couldn’t be it. No longer paying attention to her mother’s embarrassing conversation, Hannah wiggled her nose around, trying to soothe it. The tickle grew, unaffected by her actions. Becoming rather annoyed, Hannah began to rub her nose from side to side with her middle and index fingers. “Hah,” Hannah’s breath hitched as the tickle’s intensity spiked. No one else in the car seemed to notice. “H-hahh,” Hannah’s buildup continued. “Hahh!” Hannah’s head tilted back, the underside of her nose reflecting in the car’s rear view mirror. “Hap-SHOO!” Hannah turned her head to the left at the last moment and sneezed in Jenny’s face.

“Ew!” cried Jenny in horror. “You sneezed on me!” She gave Hannah a playful slap and rubbed her face down with her hand. Beth smiled proudly. “What are you complaining about? She didn’t get anything on me!” Just as Beth finished boasting, Hannah leaned to her right and wiped her nose on Beth’s shirt. All three girls laughed and the tickle in Hannah’s nose subsided to a slight tingle.

As the drive continued, Hannah had worked up a resilient case of the sniffles. She hadn’t sneezed at all since the beginning of the ride, but she kept sniffing every few seconds. Much like with her earlier sneeze, nobody else in the car seemed to notice. Hannah rubbed her nose, flicked the tip up with her finger, then started snuffling loudly. “Mom, do you have any tissues?” she asked, followed by a quick. “sniff sniff.” Hannah’s mother dug around in her purse and removed a small travel pack of tissues. “Here you go honey,” she said, holding the pack out behind her. Hannah gratefully accepted the tissues and removed one from the pack. “Thanks mom,” she said, giving her long nose an upward wipe.

Finally, the girls arrived at the campsite. Hannah’s mother parked the car and began to unload the tent and other essential camping equipment. Jenny and Beth leaped out of the car and stretched. Hannah got out more slowly, giving her nose a quick rub. Suddenly, she began to feel sneezy again. She began to wrinkle her nose up and down as the others worked on the tent. “Hey Hannah!” called Beth, “don’t just stand there! Help us!” All Hannah could manage to do was hold up her hand.

“Hehh…” Hannah rubbed her nose with her fingers, trying desperately not to sneeze. “HAH!” Hannah suddenly gasped as the tickle grew to a dramatic size. She didn’t have time to get a tissue to her face before the sneeze exploded out of her. “Ha-PSHOO! Hah… HA-CHOO!” Hannah stood with her head tilted back, her long nostrils flaring in anticipation of one last finale of a sneeze. “Hihh… HA-CHIIOOO!” Hannah coughed. “That one hurt!” she complained, wiping her nose with a fresh tissue. “Well you can sneeze later!” shouted Jenny, “get over here!” Hannah hurried over to her friends and helped them put up the tent, barely managing to hold back a sneezy assault on her nose.

After the tent had been set up, Hannah’s mother walked to the general store at the camping ground’s entrance to get food and other supplies. All the while, Hannah, Jenny and Beth were debating what they would do until Hannah’s mother returned. “How about hide and seek?” suggested Jenny. “Ooh!” yipped Hannah, “I haven’t played that in so long!” Jenny nodded. “Yeah, I remember we used to play it together all the time!” Since all three girls were in agreement, they had to decide who would be “it.” “Ok, nose goes!” shouted Beth. Hannah, who had already been rubbing her nose, continued to do so. Jenny was the last to touch her nose, so much to her dismay, she was now “it.” After a brief review of the rules, Jenny closed her eyes as Hannah and Jenny ran off into the woods. “And no hiding in the tent!” yelled Jenny.

Both girls knew that Jenny wasn’t good at climbing, so Hannah and Beth ascended a pair of trees that were fairly close to each other. Beth sat on a branch and reclined against the tree’s trunk, quietly humming to herself. Hannah did the same, but instead of humming she removed her travel pack of tissues and blew her nose loudly. This was the last chance she would get before Jenny came looking for them. At the sound of the loud honk, Beth looked over at her friend. Hannah folded the tissue and wiped her nose, then held up the crumpled ball for all to see. Beth’s nose wrinkled in silent laughter. She mouthed the word “ammo,” and went back to relaxing.

Jenny stepped quietly through the woods, trying to act as ridiculous as possible in an attempt to make the other girls laugh. She went out of her way to step on as many twigs as she could find, and in all manners make as much noise as possible. From above, Hannah and Beth held back hysterics as Jenny walked past below them. Hannah’s giggly sensation quickly passed as her nose began to itch. Her smile became a frown as a sneezy feeling followed the itchy one. Beth took no note of what was happening and continued to watch Jenny. Hannah put her fingers under her nose and pushed up as hard as she could. The tickle subsided, leaving only a slightly itchy feeling. Hannah rubbed her nose, then quietly removed her pack of tissues from her pocket.


“It was a normal day in the town of Betty. The townsfolk had lived in prosperity for years at the base of Mt. Hannose. But little did they know, the mountain was a volcano, and it was about to erupt!” Betty narrated a bizarre story to herself as she tickled Hannah’s nose. Her narrow, curved nostrils flared twice, and Hannah brought up her hand to rub them. However, Betty held Hannah’s hand away and continued to tickle. “Some of the townspeople knew of the danger, and they did all they could to stop it, but it was no use.” She grabbed some of Hannah’s long, fluffy brown hair and wrapped it around the tip of her nose. “They tried to make a wall around the top of the mountain, but that only weakened the walls of the mountain its self, bringing on the destruction faster!” Betty unwrapped her sister’s nose and began to tickle it again, her right nostril with the feather, and her left with her own hair.


Hannah wiped her nose with her tissue, failing to quell the itch. She folded the soft paper over into a small rectangle and placed it over the tip of her nose. Not wanting to attract Jenny’s attention, Hannah squeezed her nose with her thumb and forefinger. It felt strangely soothing, but the itch remained. Wrinkling her nose up as tightly as she could, Hannah gave it one last futile rub. The itch was too far back in her nose for her to reach. She needed some alternative. Hannah looked at her pack of tissues; only two left.

Before Hannah could think of an uncanny anti-sneeze idea, an intense tickle crept up on her. For a second, the itch died down, creating a clear, cool feeling in her nasal passages. A tiny tickle, one so small that she didn’t even notice it at first, began to develop in the back of her long nose. As it slowly spread downward, Hannah began to notice the tickle. She stopped paying attention to Jenny, who was still creeping around below them. Instead, Hannah gave all of her attention to the strong tickle, which was still creeping around in her nose. Once the tickle reached her nostrils, there was nothing she could do to stop it. “Huh… Hehh…” Hannah’s breath hitched quietly. She removed the second to last tissue from her pack and placed it over her nose. “Haahh…” At that moment, Beth realized that something was wrong. She looked into Hannah’s desperate eyes and mouthed “don’t sneeze!” Hannah nodded, her mouth hanging open. “HEH!” Hannah quickly pinched her nose shut between the tissue and her fingers, but as quick as she was, she was still a second too late. “HA-HNTCH!”

Jenny looked up at the sound of a powerful but half-stifled sneeze. “I found you!” she said with a triumphant laugh. Hannah used her last tissue to blow her nose before climbing down after Beth. “Hey, I told you not to sneeze!” exclaimed Beth, giving Hannah a light slap. “I’b sorry,” breathed Hannah, rubbing her nose with the damp tissue. After it had been completely used up, she put it in the center pocket of her hoody and began to sniffle. “Hey, are you okay Hannah?” asked Jenny. Hannah rubbed her nose vigorously, her nostrils producing a strange, wet, squishy sound. “Ugh… Stuffy dose,” she replied in an annoyed tone. “Then blow it!” suggested Beth. Hannah shook her head. “I used by last tissue.”

The three girls walked back to their tent, Hannah snuffling the whole way. “Hey,” said Beth, “try this.” Beth touched the palm of her hand to her nose and moved it up and down. Hannah mimicked her, wiping her nose upward with the palm of her hand, a small crease appearing above the tip. Hannah sniffed wetly and wiped her hand off on her hoody. “Thanks,” she said, still annoyed by her stuffy nose. “Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been sneezy all day long,” said Jenny. “Doh, I’b fide,” replied Hannah, rubbing her nose for the umpteenth time that day. The tent quickly came into view and the girls discovered that Hannah’s mother was just arriving as well.

“Hey bob, do you hab ady bore tissues?” asked Hannah, wiping her nose on her palm again. Her mother shook her head. “Sorry honey, I only brought that one travel pack. Are you okay? You sound stuffy.” Hannah sniffed. “Yes, it’s just a little too buch polled,” she lied. “Sorry again, Hannah. If I had known your allergies would have been bothering you I would have packed your medication,” said Hannah’s mother, trying to comfort her daughter, “but I think they sold tissues at the general store.” Hannah nodded. “I’ll go get sub thed.”

Hannah’s mother gave her daughter five dollars with which to buy a large box of tissues. Both she and Beth followed the long dirt road back to the entrance to the campsite. Upon reaching the store, Hannah rushed inside to get the largest box of tissues she could find. Beth followed her inside, but instead decided to stare discretely at the young store clerk whom she instantly dubbed “cute.” Hannah placed two boxes of tissues on the counter and dug into her pocket for the money. “Will that be all, ma’am?” asked the clerk politely. Hannah nodded and placed the five dollar bill on the counter. “Yep, that’s everythig.” The clerk gave Hannah her change and leaned on the counter. “Allergies?” he asked, almost sounding hopeful. Hannah rubbed her nose and smiled. “Yeah, how did you dow?” she asked. “It’s the only reason anybody buys tissues here,” replied the clerk. Hannah waved cutely and hurried out the door. The clerk stared after her. “I hope she feels better soon…” he thought to himself, “or do I?”

As soon as Hannah and Beth reached the tent, Hannah opened one of the tissue boxes and blew her nose loudly. “Hannah, you really don’t sound good,” said her mother, walking over to her. “Let me take your temperature.” Hannah turned away, wiping her nose with the tissue. “Doh bob, I told you I’b fide.” Hannah’s mother ignored her and put her hand on her daughter’s forehead. “You feel warm,” she said, feeling her own forehead for comparison. Hannah frowned and sniffed, looking at the ground. “I think you’re catching a little cold.”

Hannah sat in the corner of the tent and pouted. Even thought it had just stared, her entire perfect camping weekend had been ruined. She was too upset to even bother with the tissues she had just bought. Hannah now simply sat in the tent, wiping her nose on her hand and sneezing to her nose’s desire. “Hihh… Heh… T’CHOO!” Hannah snuffled and wrinkled her nose. After a few moments of miserable sneezing, Jenny entered the tent, carrying one of the tissue boxes. “I’b sorry,” moaned Hannah, “I ruined your whole weeked.” Jenny sat down next to her friend and put the tissue box between them. “Don’t worry about it. We can go camping again anytime.” Hannah didn’t reply, simply sniffing again and turning away.


“The people of Betty would never give up! They needed to save their town! They began to make the wall bigger, but also repair the damage to the mountain that it caused, saving them precious time!” Betty stopped tickling Hannah’s nose momentarily. “Their efforts appeared to work,” she continued, rubbing Hannah’s nose with her finger.


Jenny drew a tissue from the box and placed it over Hannah’s nose. “Here, blow,” she said comfortingly. Hannah took a deep breath and blew her nose into the tissue. Jenny took it away and crumpled it up. Hannah sniffed as Jenny held out her index finger. “Lean your head back,” she continued. Too upset to do anything else, Hannah agreed and tilted her head back. Jenny rubbed the underside of Hannah’s stuffy nose with her finger and flicked the tip up once for good measure. “There, now doesn’t that feel better?” she asked. Hannah sniffed twice and nodded.

Hannah began to feel a little bit better, and Jenny left the tent to throw out the used-up tissues. All of the sudden, she began to feel very tired. Opening up one of the sleeping bags, Hannah lay down and closed her eyes. Even more sudden than her sleepyness, a strong urge to sneeze filled her nose. Hannah had already tucked her arms into the sleeping bag and closed it, and she couldn’t seem to find the zipper, leaving her unable to rub or stifle her nose. Seeing no other option, Hannah wrinkled her nose up and down rapidly as the sneeze approached. “Heh-heh… Hahh… Choo!”


“But in the end, all was lost as Mt. Hannose erupted, covering the town of Betty in lava!” Betty removed her finger, then pushed her separated feather as far up Hannah’s nostril as it would go, only the thick stem protruding below it.


After the sneeze, Hannah’s tickle still persisted, irritating the insides of her slightly oversized nose. Her nose had also become considerably stuffier. Sniffing heavily, Hannah prepared for more sneezes. “Ahh… Hahh… Ah-CHOOO! Hehh… Hep-CHIOO! Ngh-CHEEW!!” Gasping in surprise as the tickle expanded to massive proportions, Hannah struggled to hold back yet more sneezes. They now came unendingly, one right after the other. Hannah often had less than a second between letting out her last sneeze and falling helpless victim to the buildup of the next one. “Ah-CHOO! Ha-ha-ha-SHOO! CHIIOOOO!” Hannah writhed around in the sleeping bag, unable to free her hands or stop sneezing.

“I-I… Ah… C-can’t sto… Hehh… Hehh… Stop… HU-CHOW! Sdeezig!” Hannah gasped, “I can’t… CHOO! Breathe! CHOOO!” She was sneezing too quickly to breathe through either her nose or her mouth. “H-help be! Ha-CHOO!” Hannah cried, trying to attract the attention of someone outside the tent. Several seconds later, Hannah began to feel light-headed due to lack of oxygen. Her eyes squeezed shut, her nostrils flared as widely as they could, and her mouth hung open limply, all in anticipation of one last great sneeze. “Ah… Ahh… Ahhh… AHHHH… AAHHHHHH!”


“CHIIOOOOOO!!!” Hannah sneezed loudly, almost falling out of her bed. She began to roll around, attempting to free her arms from… her quilt that had fallen off to the side of the bed? Hannah held her hands in front of her face. She gasped in happy surprise and rubbed her nose as hard as she could, snuffling and snorting softly. Suddenly, it dawned on her. “Oh doh… It was just a dreab, but I’b still sdeezy, by dose is stuffy, ad I’b all sdiffly! I bust have really caught a cold whed by quilt fell off!” Hannah complained to no-one in particular. She let her head fall back down onto her pillow, then turned to see Betty sitting at the edge of her bed, holding an old feather duster! Both girls sat speechless for a few seconds. Ending the hiatus, Betty reached up and pulled a long, fluffy feather out of Hannah’s right nostril; in all her fussing Hannah hadn’t even noticed it. Suddenly, Hannah had another revelation. “That’s it! She’s been tickling me with those dusty feathers ever since I fell asleep!” she thought to herself angrily. Without warning, Hannah dove off of her bed, making a feral grab at Betty’s shirt. “Why you… you… you litt… Hah… Hahh… HA-CHOOOO!!!”

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Thanks! This has really given me a great boost in confidence, and I may write more in the future.

(For example, ever since Rei sneezed in episode 3 of PaniPoni Dash, I've been thinking about doing a crazy PPD fanfic, as well as maybe one from Kanon.)

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This is terrific! Sneezing while hiding, sneeze torture, or is it sneeze games; both really. Something for everyone and a twist....

Though if you think about it she has remarkably realistic dreams....no flying even.

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Dang :yes:! This is really good & the idea of a little kid doing that to play is hilarious :drool:. My only problem is that you didn't describe what Hannah, her friends, or Betty look like.

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This story maked a lot more sense after I read the other topic where you say it was a dream combined with a real situation. That was...confusing. Very impressive for your first time. I'd like to see what else you can do :laugh:

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Very interesting. I definitely liked knowing what was going through her sleeping head while her nose was tortured by her little sister.

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As long as this thread is alive again for the moment, let me give my sincerest thanks to Blah-San for writing it. This is a MARVELOUS story. Thank you :D

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