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The lowest rank mission ever


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Title: The lowest rank mission ever

Fanfic: Naruto

Author of the fanfic: GS-Coyote

rating: everyone

summary: Sasuke's allergies bug him... what were you expecting Gaara :laugh: No it's actually about Sasuke

Kakashi just got finished telling his team what there next mission was: They have to bring a cat to it's owner across the hidden leaf village.

"That's so lame!!!" Yelled Naruto, in Kakashi's face. "We've done so many higher ranked missions, and that's all we get!!!" Crosses his arms.

"you have to admitt that is rather lame, Kakashi sensei." Said Sakura, placing her hands on her hips. "CHA! I want a real mission!" comes the cry from the inner Sakura.

"Let's just do this and get this over with," said Sasuke, even though he wasn't any more thrilled with this mission, he just wanted to get it over with.

"Because it's such low rank mission, I will asume yous can handle it on your own," said kakashi sensei, trying to get out of the fight that might take place. He jumps with a flash and was gone.

"Leave it to kakashi sensei to leave us with this boring mission!" Screamed Naruto, hoping that his sensei would hear him.

Sakura picks up the pure white cat in her hands. "Aw, your so cute!" she says. The cat begins to purr. They start walking. Everything remains silent between the 3 ninja. As they walk you could hear the wind blowing by the leaves, and casting across a field of flowers. A bunch of different flowers, everywhere. The sun was beating down on them, as soon as they started across the field of flowers.

Wiping sweat of her face," I'm so hot," said Sakura, looking at Sasuke, when she had the sudden idea to give Sasuke a flower. She bends over hold the cat in right hand and picked up a flower with the other. The flower was of an angelic white, with just alittle bit of yellow on the inside. The cat meowed, from the suns heat. "Here Sasuke I picked this for you."

Sasuke was getting hot in the suns heat, forgetting his allergy to flowers, which for some reason hadn't really bothered him when he got into the field of flowers, he takes the flower out of Sakura's hand.

"CHA! Take that Ino!" Comes the call of the inner Sakura. Sasuke had his mind on other things: killing his brother, who wiped out the whole clan, but Sasuke. Not thinking Sasuke takes a sniff of the flower and stops. He starts to feel a tickle in one side of his nose, the side that got more of the flower's smell, he sniffs, and it goes away...

"What is it Sasuke?" Questioned Sakura wondering why he had stopped in his tracks.

"Nothing" said Sasuke, but as soon as he said that, the tickle came back even stronger, he stops again and suddenly he sneezes, "HUSHOO!" into his arm that was holding the flower.

"Bless you, Sasuke," said Sakura, turning to look at Sasuke, and saw his pre-sneeze face.

"HUSHOOOoo!" Sasuke sneezed with alittle release at the end, away from his teammates.

"Sasuke?" asked Sakura.

"Yah?" responded Sasuke, with another sneezing coming, "HATCHOO!"

"Are you ok?" Asked sakura, petting the cat, which in return purred.

"Of course he's not ok," said Naruto with agitation, "Sasuke's allergic to flowers."

Sakura started to think; how could I forget?

After the last time, Ino gave him a flower, how could Naruto remember, and I forget?! Went on in Sakura's head. As her anger builds she lifts her arm screaming, "Naruto!" and hit him across the face.

"What did I do?" said Naruto, not sure what he did.

While this was going on Sasuke had sneezed a couple more times.

"Sasuke are you ok?" asked Sakura feeling guilty, and hoping this didn't ruin any chances she might have had with Sasuke. "Here maybe I should--"

"No I'm fine Sakur-- ACHTOO!" Sasuke tried to say, but another sneeze snook up on him and he sneezed on Sakura.

Oh Boy; Thought Naruto; this is it, where Sakura gets mad at Sasuke instead of me.

"Sorry, Sakura," responded Sasuke, not really being to sorry, but just said for almost no reason.

"It's alright, Sasuke," replied Sakura, she gave Naruto the cat to hold, "HOLD THIS!" so she could wipe Sasuke's mucus of her arm. "I'LL TAKE THAT!" She yelled at Naruto, still angry at him for remembering something she had forgotten.

What?! thought Naruto; this is so on fair, if I sneezed on her she would have surely killed me, but when Sasuke sneezes on her, it's alright with her, girls make no sense! He thinks this placing his hands on his head.

"HAITSHOO!" Sasuke gave a very powerful sneeze in to his fist. At this point he had dropped the flower given to him by Sakura, but the flowers in the field had started getting to his allergies. Sasuke sniffed and wiped at his eyes, which had started to water from the pollen.

"Maybe we should take the long way..." suggested Sakura.

"No it's fine Sakura, I don't see why your making such a big deal of this," said Sasuke as he went to stifle a sneeze, "HA-kntx!" into his knuckles pushing up on his nose. He then sighs, his sinuses feel very stuffed.

They were almost at the end of the field of flowers , it was a pretty big field, but it seemed so much bigger to Sasuke than to the others.

As Naruto's thoughts begin again, Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke! Everyone thinks he's so cool, and some how even when he sneezes on Sakura he's still cool. What does she see in him? What does he got that I don't got? Allergies?! As his thoughts went on, Sasuke had been sniffing, and rubbing at his nose, and at his eyes.

"Are you sure your ok, Sasuke?" asked Sakura, petting the purring cat.

"Sakura, I'm fine, just drop it," said Sasuke rubbing his nose. They had just gotten out of the field of flowers. Finally; thought Sasuke, trying not to let the others know it bothered him.

They started up this big hill, and Naruto started to complain, about the mission again.

"Naruto! Stop complaining, this mission is almost over. You are so annoying Naruto!" Sakura said with an angry face.

"I'll I'm saying is I think we deserve a much higher rank mission. I mean we faced that guy, Zabuza, and we already did the chunin exams..." Naruto's arguments were pointless. They couldn't change what they had for a mission and they were almost done with it as well.

Here we go again; thought Sasuke; they're always argueing, and all this is pointless, if I ever want to beat Itachi. He suddenly felt another tickle in his nose, it was obvious to him that even though they had left the field of flowers his allergies were still getting to him. He rubbed at his nose, trying to stop it from turning into a sneeze.... "HA-knt-shoo!" He couldn't hold it in very well, it was rare that his allergies ever bothered him, but they were for some unknown reason.

They got to the top of the hill, and saw a little cottage; this was where they had to drop off the cat. A short, old lady with grey hair up neatly in a bun was sitting in her rocking chair. She looked as though she was waiting along time for her cat.

Sasuke rubbed his eyes and sniffed. He looked at Sakura hoping she hadn't seen that his allergies are still getting to him.

"Here," Sakura said, giving the cat to the lady.

"Thank you," she said to them, "Oh mommy missed snuggle bunny, yes she did, yes she did.."

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura gave this blank look, with sweatdrops going down the side of their heads.

"That lady is weird..." said Naruto starring at the lady still saying such things to the cat, and rubbing her head against it as well.

"That is just wrong..." said Sakura also looking at the lady.

"I went through a feild of flowers that bothered my allergies, just to see this," said Sasuke.

They all sighed together.


Let me know if anyone likes it. It's different that the one I wrote about Gaara, because in that one I wanted to be in it, and it was harder in that to try and figure out what Gaara would have been like if he actually loved someone while stilling going his killng sprees, before he changes, and think it would be hard for me to figure out what he'd be like in love if it were after Naruto's influence, when he changes. So this was easier to write.

Hope people like it, the flower thing was suggested by Hannah, great suggestion :)

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Guest Hannah

...................*opens mouth*........

...............*closes it*.....................

*opens again*.......................*Clears throat*...........


OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!! :omg::):laugh::cryhappy:

That was the BEST fic i have EVER READ!!!! *hugs GS* I love you!

That was so amazing and wonderful and fantabulous-*breaths*- and so incredibly the greatest thing in this WORLD. I actually read it 6 times!!! :laugh:

Your fics are fantatious, make more or my head will IMPLODE!!!! *runs into a corner and starts quivering*

...All in all, that was awsome!

PS: you have any requests for me (even though I suck at writing :winkkiss: ) just say so and it'll be on the board in 15 minutes!!!

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I ment my other drawings... :blink: the ones that I didn't color in with Gimp, and posted in the artwork.... Nevermind B)

I can't wait to read the Gaara sneeze fic thank you so much :twisted:

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ARGH!!!!!!!!! A SASUKE FIC!!!!!!!


dude...this was too cute!!! i loved the idea with the flower....and poor Sasuke..i just want to give him a tissue! :innocent:

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