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My ASM's cold and some fun discussion- Male


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Last night, I worked with my cold-ridden ASM, Eric, again. Other than his little pink nose, and the slight nasal quality to his voice, you wouldn't have known he was sick, because he was in his usual joking mood. He did mention when I first got there, how he'd forgotten to bring his medicine to work, though. My exact words, with a smile, "Oh darn." :rolleyes:

Um, so there wasn't much going on, except a sniffly ASM for most of the evening. At about 9:30pm, Eric was behind me in the phone center, and I was standing at my desk, daydreaming. Then I hear this really nice, "Essshhhuh!" And I turn my head around to see Eric, peeking through one of the windows, smiling at me. I decided that even though there were other people around, I would call his portable phone and bless him. However, when I called that phone, I realized he was on a different phone, telling an associate what he needed done. So, by the time he actually said hello to me, I was done with the blessing period. So, instead, I said, "Damn that was hot." He was like, "Oh yeah?" And I told him, "YEAH!" Then he said, "I've been doing that all night." I was like, "Why haven't you been up here all night then?" Yeah, we are so politically incorrect and breaking all kinds of code of conduct rules at work, but who cares? :lol: Then he told me that while he was outside, helping unload a transfer truck, that he sneezed 6 times in a row. And I told him he needed to find a way to do that in front of me sometime, because I am sad that I only get to hear these stories, instead of witnessing them. And he just laughed.

But I'm bummed because he's closing again tonight, with Anthony, but I'm not worling. Boo hoo!!! :drool:

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Boo hoo indeed. :rolleyes:

Damn Sneesee that's hot, even second hand....... :drool:

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Ohh really hot and makes me smile :rolleyes: Even just the idea of you calling him to bless him made me chuckle, and what really happened then... hoohohoo! :drool:

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