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For Hippo and Jillybean

Mr Sneezy

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With Jellybelly obviously away on RL duties, I come forth to ask my two other Australian collegues who, unlike me, probably did better at school and may be able to assist. Although everyone else is welcome to contribute.

A popular American member whose identity is irrelevant at this point is possibly making a trip "across the pond" in about twelve months time. We were on YIM earlier today and she asked what allergens were here that might make her sneeze.

Given that she is allergic to ragweed, I am curious to know what we may have here that contrasts. For example, is wattle the Australian equivalent of ragweed? And what are some examples of tree pollens?

When I was little, my mother would fret constantly over my "terrible allergies" and my chest. I would be dragged inside forthwith at the even distant sound of a lawnmower as very learned specialists said I was allergic to grass. There was a wattle tree nearby that apparently had an effect on me when it was in bloom, but I know that ragweed and goldenrod will set plenty of people off.

Any help?

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:cry: Seriously? I have little idea.

I know the notorious wattle bush, with its blooming yellow flowers, would set a lot of people off because of it's bountiful pollen, and the tea-tree sometimes does, but that also triggers more unpleasant things like swollen eyes and very itchy skin.

I dont know about the rest. Grass? :yuck:

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I honestly have no idea what sets people off, sorry! Thats all! Naybe different grasses or something, but I have no idea really, so sorry, I wish I could help but I dont know!

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