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Cute Guy In Lecture (m-obv)

Guest lil angel

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Guest lil angel

Ok so, Hi! :innocent:

I've just started uni, and its really wierd living away from home and all that, but on the plus side i get to perve on see loads of people sneezing!! YAY! right now everyone has freshers flu so its sneeze central on campus! :yes:

So I was in my first lecture, something extremely boring about Wordsworth or something, when this really cute guy who I've seen a few times around the English department comes and sits right next to me with his friend on the other side of him....i was like :lol: this lecture just got waaaay more interesting, and to top it off he starts coughing really bad and mutters to his friend; "God I hate freshers flu! It's killing me."

So i was like omgomgomg how highly exciting!! lol, then about half way through the lecture i feel him tense up and stifle this really harsh HUHGGNXXT! into the crook of his arm,

I obviously turned and goggled at him like a fool, but luckily he didnt see because he was desperately trying to ward off another sneeze, he was taking really shallow breaths, then all of a sudden his head snapped back and he exploded with a really loud Huh... AahhShhhooOOO!!! then he sniffled and murmured excuse me, because some people had turned round to stare at him in an annoyed way!

I was like...Idiots...dont they realise what a beautiful thing just happened?!?!? lol


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Well, there has to be some benefit to freshers flu, hasn't there? :yes:

Really cute obs. Thanks for sharing.

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This obs was SUPER CUTE! I love it when you are close enough to feel it happen. Mmmmmm! And I love back to school time, there is always a bunch of things going around, and lots of cute, sick guys. Thank you so much for this wonderful observation! :byewave:

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Mmmmm, that sounds totally amazing! :D Gotta love it when a cute guy excuses himself after sneezing. :wub: SO adorable! SO hot!

Thank you for sharing with us!

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