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barking dog sneezes


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I was in the library today (a different library than the one I recorded in for you guys in the past--I'm studying at another university now) when I heard a sound twice in a row that sounded very much like a small dog barking. You know, a sort of yapping "Ruff!". They were clearly made by a person, though, and sounded much more like sneezes than coughs. From the pitch I was pretty sure they were made by a female. I looked up to see an Asian girl sitting at a table across the room from me looking around, with an amused smile on her face that I took to mean "that was funny, huh?". I don't know for sure if it was her who sneezed, since I didn't witness the sneezes, though I assume it was.

I'm not sure if anyone here will enjoy this description in a fetish sense, I'm just wondering if any of you have heard something similar.

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