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Some girl in math class


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Ok, I don't enjoy female sneezes, as a matter of fact I scare easy with anyone sneezing, but I am still a fetishist. I figured I'd opst this so someone could enjoy :D

I was in my math class, and some girl sneezed. I didn't look over because, I don't like female sneezes, and they don't interest me either. I knew it was a girl because I could tell where the sneezes were coming from. She stifled about 5 sneezes, and then said under breath "Oh God..." her stifles were pretty low in volume. Someone blessed at about 3 sneezes. I can't really spell her sneezes, but I will try, they all sounded the same to me... "ha-knt" very girly sneezes.

Ok I need some good male obs :wub:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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