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Your favourite nose and sneeze situation


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I love little nose with little nostrils and sharp nose with long nostrils. :sweatdrop:

My favourite situation was when a female was talking with me and suddenly she raises an hand as to say "oh, wait a moment", then she said for example "Oh, I have to sneeze..but it doesn't come.." and then she turn her face and sneeze. in this way you see she on her profile when she sneeze :P

Else, when the female was in front of you and she start to rub under her nose with a finger and her face turn into a pre-sneeze expressio, she start to shake her hands up and down in front of her face while she said "Ah..ah..aahh.." and then explodes in a wet and uncovered sneeze :lol:

I love the sneezes with advertisement before it, because I can wait it and watch all the phases. Instead the sudden sneezes are hateful, because you can't enjoy it quite. :lol:

And for you? What's your favourite?

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My absolute favorite nose is one that's long and wide, but has nostrils that are out of proportion with the rest of the nose. As in really tiny nostrils or long, thin ones. For some reason I find a really wide gap between the nostrils to be rather sexy... Also, having lots of freckles and/or being turned-up is always a plus.

My second favorite is one that's just all-around small. Short, thin, small nostrils. So small and cute that I just want to squish it! (and make it sneeze :sweatdrop:) Again, having lots of freckles or being turned-up is a great bonus on the side...

I've gotta agree with you in terms of favorite sneeze moment. If a girl announces it, I'll be hard as hell before she even sneezes...

My second favorite is if the sneeze isn't verbally announced, but the sneezer wrinkles/wiggles/rubs/pinches/F.U.N.s(Finger Under Nose. Great acronym, no?) her nose several times, making it obvious that she's going to sneeze, then sneezes.

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I personally like it when I don't realize the person is going to sneeze and they just....suddenly do it! I prefer it to look as natural as possible, just like it was a part of everyday life and nothing to be concerned about. That REALLY makes me smile! :proud:

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I can't say if I have a favorite nose type. I do like a straight nose, I know that. Like Gale Harold's nose. Sneeze wise; build-ups excite me in a physical sense, but being surprised by a sneeze is just thrilling. It's hard to stay casual about it, though.

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My ideal sneeze situation would be where a guy with a huge nose started to get a really red nose all the sudden and got really sniffly and all the sudden started sneezing like crazy at least a dozen times in a row!

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Hmmm, not sure if I have a "favorite" nose or situation. I like all kinds of things! I guess with noses, they must fit the person's face. And I prefer noses that sren't neccessarily perfect. But, large or small, like I said, they must look good on the guy.

As far as the sneezing goes? Well, I always like to witness a guy's sneeze for the first time, to guage what they'll do in the future. The first time I get to see/hear it, totally thrills me. I'm as big a fan of sudden sneezes, as I am of watching someon struggle and build-up to one. And depeneding on the person, one sneeze can excite me as much as a bunch. So, again, I'm not picky. :sweatdrop:

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Gosh, you'd think I'd have an answer, but I don't and it really makes me wonder. It's not that I don't have any preference whatsoever but I suppose it's not refined enough to be put in such terms, if that makes any sense. Or maybe it's too variant? *walks away feeling confused*

Oh and .... :

F.U.N.s(Finger Under Nose. Great acronym, no?)

YES! :winkkiss: haven't heard/seen that before.

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Hi, I was just going to mention Gale's nose. I LOVE IT. There should be like a sculpture made of it or a shrine built because its such a perfect shape. Dang, I love staring at it. lol. It is superb. Normally my favorite nose is more like the Hal Sparks nose.

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i like noses that are smaller and upturned a little, kind of like megan fox's. i like the sneezes with the finger under the nose, too!

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