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Does anyone else enjoy blowing their nose?


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Hi all,

I just wondered if anyone else was like me and actually enjoyed blowing their nose. I must admit I do like pulling a clean pressed hanky out of my pocket and giving my nose a good blow and hopefully a honk. There's something about the sensation of honking my nose I like. Mind you, I still don't feel completely relaxed about blowing my nose in public and if I need to it tends to be a quieter softer blow, unless I'm outside somewhere noisy in which case I still honk!

Obviously, I still prefer seeing other people blow their nose! I'm not competely mad! :unsure:

Just wondered what others thought.



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Yes I do although less so if I'm socked in with a cold. I will sometimes do it just because I like the feeling that blowing my nose gives me. And I don't feel I've had a good blow unless I honk.

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Believe it or not, I actually can't do it. I tried it a lot when I was younger, but because of a combination of this fetish and a variety of other things, I just never got around to figuring out how. I've never really needed one that badly anyways... :laugh: I also just don't really want to have to do that sort of thing at all. Even if i knew how, I probably wouldn't do it a whole lot.

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