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OCs up for fetish art (RETURN OF ANJA!)

Teh Ninjin

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Well my request thread died, but I'd like to keep things narrow. because when I say "request whatever the fuck you want" its like, I'll get a crapload of requests and be backed up for a freakin half a year. SERIOUSLY. Patience, young grasshoppers.. SERIOUSLY XD

But like. I have a batch of characters, all female, except for Ryuuke, who I can't find any piccies of, but you know what he looks like. I think XD

If not, I guess you can request something. But remember. No sneeze orgies, no nudity, and I'm not a machine T_T

but onto the girlies.

First up!

Anja! I can't find any examples of art <-- deleted a bunch of old stuff a couple days ago.

So if you know her. Join in. Anja Sketch

** NOTICE: Anja is. a bit of a limited edition right now. Don't overwork me on her part.

Next up is Miss Violet.

Violet Lily Benson: Old Example, Old sketch, Pixel headshot of Violet, Pixel Body of Violet, Redone Violet Sketch

Of course, Tamara is up now <3

Tamara Sekuguichi: Battle Tamara, Civilian Tamara, Tribunal Tamara, Playbunny Bunny Tamara, Pajama Tamara

I have NEWBIE! Miss Yumeko.

Yumeko-chan: Only Pic of Yumeko

Tasogaresukaino Baniira \\ Mew Mew Vanilla is up. MROW~

Baniira: Mew Mew Vanillaold picture of Civilian Baniira

Vivi-chan, yoo-hoo!

Vivikari: Pixel torso and up of Vivi

** NOTICE: Vivi-chan is on limited request. She's sick D:

My loveable spazzy OC Li Ting <3 Or..Vanilla-chan.

Li Ting Wong : old pixel doll of her

and I think for now, that'll be it unless I can thing of others. X_o; or remember which ones.

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All of them are sooo pretty! ^_^ Hee, I'm loving their bang colors. My OC has bi-colored hair, too, haha.

I think my favorite is Yumeko! To me she looks like the type of person who likes to sneeze. Sort of like, "Teehee, I sneezed! Yay!"

:) I think something like that would be cute, but that's just my opinion.

Love your art!

--> Spoodles~

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Yumeko is an idiot XD when she sneezes she draws attention to herself and if she's nervous she'll start laughing XDDDD


Thank you <3

So you want me to victimize my new girl?

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I like Violet... She's got pocky... The gauntlet has been thrown, I love her and all her pocky-ness. If you have the time

(or you succumb to my world destroying greed... ^_^) do you think you could do one of her, possibly in the same style that you did Nami before, in a little mini-comic depicting the phases of her sneeze?

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Maybe Yumeko sneezes from an allergy to a cat or a flower. XD Flower seems easy XDDDD

and then Violet. Phases.

I can TRY that. not as detailed though XDD

but. like what will she sneeze from?

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I love how she's all O_O when you hold up the feather. Plus the overall theme of the comic being you trying to sketch her was very well done and creative. And I love her nose. It's so prettyful. :winkkiss:

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Would it be too unfair or demanding if I made a second request? That last one was just so good!!!! I just can't resist the urge to get down on one knee and beg for another! EEEEEE!!!!

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Do you think you could do one with Tamara, sneezing... er... pepper or a feather again? And maybe with a full-on view of the underside of her nose as she builds up to it? Or maybe some nose-rubbing? (All these nose things are just extra stuff that really REALLY get me going. I won't be mad if you don't want to do them or anything.)

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This is not a request, but Baniira: I just have to tell you how much I ADORE that example pic of Vanilla in her mew-mew form. She's absolutely stunning :wheels:

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Whoot. Good news. My birthday is tomorrow. and.. I added Anja up. But please realize, I won't like it, nor will Anja if you all flock to mock to make her sneeze.

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