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Self Obs (M)


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OK. This is going to be the worlds lamest post as far as "obs" go... I just didn't know where else I should put it.

I'm just all geeked (and yes, AM a total geek) because I was able to induce for the first time today!

No big deal, I know, but I've been tryin' this $#!t for YEARS... (Let's see... discovered SF websites in 1998... so that's like... almost 10 years!) and I've never been able to do it! :winkkiss:

So I'm all like "Hey! It really worked!" ;)

I can't say it's the most pleasant feeling in the world - have a twisted up tissue poking into the BACK OF YOUR SKULL - but this was the first time it ever worked for me! (Nothing else has EVER worked either!)

The obs?

Uh... I really don't know how to describe my own sneeze. That's really lame considering the amount of fictions I've written, but I really don't know...

But it wasn't like a normal sneeze... No hitched breathes or buildup really, just a wet HAAAATchoo! I guess.


Plus I was sitting in an awkward position at the time, so it really hurt my shoulders and upper back. :innocent:

I'm sorry! I'm being such a spaz right now! :lol:

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That little plastic thing that hold the tags on new clothes work so much better for me than the tissues. That's the best thing I've learned here at SFF!

I highly endorse that method.

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Wow. I think I'm getting the hang of this now! It gets easier and less unpleasant each time! I can't stop! I'm hooked! :innocent:

They're really WET too! Like, much more than "normal." Can't seem to keep it down either! Really loud HAAAATCH-tchoo's! And lots of spray. ;)

This is fun. (Remember - still first day of discovery, so still being a spaz!) :lol:

I've got to hold off though. WIfe might get suspicious. (Or think I'm getting sick! :lol: ) Cause I don't have allergies and NEVER sneeze. (It's like 1-2 times a week normally, assuming I'm not sick.) :hug:

Still... I'm loving this! :winkkiss:

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Nice! I really enjoyed this, probably due to the fact it took me awhile to learn how to induce as well. Not as long as you, but long enough in my opinion. And I bet it felt soooo good to finally have that first release with that tissue stuck up there. I remember mine like it was yesterday...

Thanks for sharing, and BLESS YOU! :laugh:

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