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Queer As Folk Brian/Justin "Mine" - (2 Parts)


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Justin went to bed early and woke up in the middle of the night with a weird feeling that something was amiss. He turned to look at Brian, but the rest of the bed was empty. They usually fell asleep in a cuddling or spooning position but eventually separated at some point during the night. Brian hadn't been there to cuddle and he wasn't there now. But Justin knew he had to be home. He got out of bed and found Brian sleeping on the couch. He debated whether or not he should wake him, and his own curiosity about the sleeping situation and selfish desire to be cuddled prevailed.

"Bri?" Justin knelt down on the floor by the couch, resting a hand on Brian's cheek. There was no answer so Justin repeated himself and gently patted Brian's shoulder. Brian stirred, his face registering annoyance. Justin persisted and Brian finally opened his eyes a bit and made a small, grumpy sound. "Why are you sleeping on the couch? Did you do something bad that I should know about?" Justin coaxed a little smirk from Brian with that question. "Come to bed." He started tugging at Brian but was rebuffed. Brian held out a hand to get some distance between their bodies.

"Don't get close to me." Brian's voice was quiet and strained. "Getting sick again."

"Awww...." Now Justin really wanted to cuddle his partner. "What is it?"

"Sore throat, for now. Probably more on the way." He sat up a little and reached for a glass of water on the coffee table. "Justin, don't." He coughed and swallowed painfully. "I don't want us both to be sick. And, fuck off, it hurts to talk." His words were sharp but his tone was gentle but firm.

"Take the bed, Bri."

"I'm fine."

"We have that blow-up mattress. I can sleep out here on that. If you're sick, you should at least be in bed. Come on." Brian didn't move. "Now." Brian got up and moved like a zombie into the bedroom. Justin noticed he still had suit pants on although his shirt and belt were off. Brian sit down on the edge of the bed, stripped down to his boxers. Justin lifted up the covers and tucked him in. "Need anything?"

"No. Shoo." Brian ushered Justin away with a flip of his hands. Justin placed the glass of water on the nightstand and copped a quick feel of Brian's forehead. His body temperature seemed normal. Justin hovered by the bedside. "Go. And disinfect or something...I feel really contagious." he coughed into the pillow and groaned a little.

"Love you."


Justin inflated the air mattress, threw some blankets on it, and fell asleep in the living room. He woke up the next morning and saw Brian in the kitchen, sitting on a bar stool sipping a mug of herbal tea.

"How are you...?"

"Not well." Brian picked up a folded napkin and wiped his nose.

"How's your throat?"


"You think its a cold? You don't sound congested..."


"Want me to make you anything?"

"Not hungry."

"Did you eat anything yesterday?"

"Not really."

Justin took a few steps toward him and Brian held up a hand and gave him a pointed Look. Justin put a slice of raisin bread in the toaster for Brian, realized that toast would be too sharp for someone with a sore throat, then stuffed the bread in his own mouth. He looked around for something else, located some peaches and a banana, sliced them up into a lovely arrangement and drizzled a little honey on top. He presented Brian, who seemed unimpressed, although a tiny smile flickered across his lips. He speared a peach slice with a fork and held it up to Brian, arms outstretched so as not to get too close.

"Look, I'm way over here."

Brian opened his mouth and let Justin place the peach slice on his tongue. It slid down easily and didn't irritate his scratchy throat too much. Justin poured a bowl of cereal for himself and ate it at the dining room table, about as far from Brian as he could get. Brian ate a few more bites but left the rest untouched.

"This is silly. I'm willing to risk catching your cold...or whatever it is." Justin rinsed out his bowl on the sink.

Brian shook his head resolutely, pushing the bar stool back and heading to the bathroom to shower. He finished and while Justin was taking his turn, Brian got dressed quickly and scribbled a note to Justin before heading out the door. "Have a good day. See you tonight. x." The note and little kiss symbol would have to do in lieu of their usual goodbye smooch (or make-out session, as it sometimes happened).

Justin exited the bathroom and was disappointed to see that Brian had already left.

Brian's throat ached and he felt so...yucky...that he had considered just staying home, getting lots of Vitamin C and Zinc, and trying to sleep it off. But, he knew Justin would be working from home and would be hovering over him if he stayed, taking care of him, and probably catching his illness in the process. So, Brian arrived at work, was instantly hit with a wave of fatigue, cancelled his early meetings and fell asleep on his office couch. He had the presence of mind to set an alarm on his PDA before he crashed. He woke up an hour later when the alarm went off, feeling just as bad, maybe a little worse, as his nose was starting to drip, mostly down the back of his throat. Which felt worse than if it just ran out the normal direction. He went into the bathroom and swallowed a couple Tylenol, and tried blowing his nose, which obviously didn't affect the post-nasal drip. He sighed, made himself a cup of black tea, for the caffeine and got to work, making it through one meeting, and then cancelling a lunch meeting because he could no longer speak without wincing.

By 4:00 he was feeling sort of queasy, and decided to call it a day. When he got home, he just passed by Justin with a half-hearted wave, stripped off his suit and went back to bed.

By the time he woke up, his symptoms had really progressed. The congestion in his nose had eclipsed the soreness in his throat. He went into the bathroom, sat on the closed toilet lid and blew his nose until it was clear. The snot was already being replaced by the time he finished. Brian sighed, then washed his face and brushed his teeth, which made him feel a little better somehow. All he felt like doing was going back to sleep. But when he lay down, the congestion pooled on one side of his head, and his left nostril started to run. He flopped around but couldn't find a better position, until he sat up. He drew his legs up and rested his head on his knees, wondering if he could just sleep like that.

Justin came in and stood at the foot of the bed, "Hey, you."

Brian kind of shook his head back and forth to indicate, Go Away.

"How's it goin'?" Brian raised his head up, scrunched his nose and sniffed so Justin could hear the congestion. The scrunchy face was childlike and cute, triggering Justin's cuddle-instinct, which he fought against. "Sniffles?"

Brian put his face back down against his knees and nodded miserably. Justin left the room, returning with some cold medicine, and a fresh glass of water and a box of tissues tucked under his arm. He set the drink down quickly, and tossed the package of pills to Brian, who quickly swallowed a dose of medicine in hopes he could get back to sleep.

"Let me know if you need anything. Sorry you don't feel good..." Justin could hardly bear not being able to climb in bed and curl up with his lover. But, he just went back into the other room and continued work on a sketch.

Brian lay back down on his side, and managed to fall asleep while

holding a crumpled tissue beneath his nose. He woke up a few hours

later, feeling very cold-ified but oddly alert. He turned on the

light and squinted at the box of cold medicine to see if it

contained pseudophedrine. It did, which explained the jittery

feeling he had, considering he took twice the recommended dose. He

got up and shivered as his bare feet hit the floor. His nose

immediately started to drip and he hastily grabbed for the tissue

box, holding a tissue beneath his nose as he pulled on some socks.

He went into the living room in search of a medicine to bring him

down from the pseudophedrine high. Justin was still awake, bent over

a sketchpad. Brian snuffled softly into the tissues, and Justin

looked over at him, with that trancelike expression he got when he

was really into a project. But, he immediately set his work aside

and stood up. Brian automatically took a few steps backward and his

action reminded Justin they were supposed to stay apart.

"How are you...?"

"Ub...do we have adythidg else to take? I'b all wired."

"Well, how much did you take?" Justin looked at him knowingly. "I

don't think you should have anything else for at least a few more


"Do we have ady Dyquil?"

"You can have something else later on."

Brian sighed in defeat. Although he knew he could walk over to the

cabinet and consume whatever the hell he wanted, Brian was in that

strangely compliant mode he went into lately when he was ill. He

knew Justin was right and it was easier to give in.

"Do you want some soup?" Brian shook his head no, and rejected a few

more suggestions, but nodded when Justin offered to make peppermint

tea. He climbed back in bed and leaned against the headboard,

waiting patiently in the dimly lit room. He sniffled and blew his

nose, feeling like he had to sneeze but it was stuck. The medication

had made his nose a lot more runny, but less stuffy. He was debating

whether or not this disappointing trade-off was even worth it, when

Justin appeared in the doorway. He was holding a mug and wearing a

mask that covered his nose and mouth. Brian could tell by Justin's

crinkled-up eyes that he was smiling.

"What the fuck...?"

"I found a pack of these with the cleaning stuff!" Justin's voice

was only a little muffled by the mask. "I think the maid left it

behind." Justin set the mug on Brian's nightstand, then sort of

pranced around the bed to climb onto the other side.

"Wait..." Brian's mind hadn't caught up to this new scenario.

"Bri, look, now I can't catch your cold!"

"I don't know..."

Justin's hand snaked underneath Brian's shirt, massaging his chest

gently. The whole thing seemed kind of kinky to Brian, not that he

was into masks. He relented and his body relaxed under Justin's

touch. Justin sensed this, and wrapped his arms around Brian's waist

to squeeze him in a hug. Brian grunted as his lover squished the air

from his lungs.

"Sorry. I can't stand not touching you. And you looked so sick and

miserable before."

"I ab sick ad biserable."

"This helps a little, though, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, whatever." It helped a lot. The illness had felt worse

because he was isolated, without Justin's physical comfort. Brian

quickly grabbed another tissue to wipe his runny nose while Justin

continued to pet him...smoothing his hair, rubbing his chest,

tracing the outline of his warm lips.

"Your lips look beautiful when you're sick." Brian furrowed his brow

at this bizarre compliment, pushing Justin's hand away so he could

blow his nose. "They do." Brian's lips looked fuller and were a

darker hue. Justin remembered that this was something that happened

to Brian when he was having sex, or...running a fever. Before Brian

had finished blowing his nose, Justin had darted into the bathroom

and returned with a digital thermometer. Brian rolled his eyes but

opened his mouth obligingly. The object went "beep" and they both

looked at the display.

"You have a little fever..." Justin looked truly dismayed.

"Its okay." Brian set the thermometer on the nightstand, patting

Justin's head comfortingly. He just felt very congested and sleepy,

but not achy or chilled or anything of the sort. They cuddled

quietly for awhile, Justin fretting a bit about the fever, Brian

wondering when he could have a dose of Nyquil so he could pass out

again. He could feel the other medicine wearing off, as the

congestion built, clogging his nose and making his eyes water. He

pulled away suddenly to sneeze a fiercely wet, "Heh'ESCH'uh!",

partly muffled into a handful of tissues. Despite the presence of

the mask, he was still concerned about Justin catching his cold.

"Bless you...I guess you do need to take something..."

"Yeah..." The congestion was getting too heavy to clear and Brian

was just holding a tissue under his nose to stop it from running.

Justin gave him a little hug, left and returned with the Nyquil.

"Don't guzzle it." Justin handed him the bottle, then grabbed it

back and carefully poured one dose into the little cup. They

snuggled some more after Brian took the medicine. "Can I sleep in


Brian shook his head 'no', figuring the mask could come off as

Justin moved in his sleep. Justin didn't argue with the decision, he

just rested his head against Brian's chest as they waited for the

drug to kick in. When Brian started to feel really sleepy, he just

nudged Justin away and slid down under the covers. Justin tucked the

blankets around his partner, turned off the light and made sure the

tissues were within easy reach. Brian yawned, and hugged the Kleenex

box against him like it was a stuffed animal. Justin wanted to tear

the mask off and kiss his love goodnight, but he just rubbed Brian's

shoulder and tucked the covers around him extra-tight.

"If you need me, I'll just be out here..."

Brian nodded and then quickly fell asleep. Justin sketched a little

more, then went to sleep all alone on the air-mattress.


"Not much of a cold, is it?"

"Uhhh...." Brian was in the midst of yet another lengthy noseblow, and not too sure if he could agree with that. He tossed the nearly demolished tissue into the trash.

"I mean, you don't have a cough, just a stuffy nose." Justin leaned over and kissed the bridge of Brian's nose, between his eyes. "And a really cute voice."

Brian objected to having his troublesome nose kissed and also to the word "cute", but was too late to push Justin away. He was starting to get over the virus, and was sleeping with Justin again (both literally and figuritively), but Brian was still trying to keep his partner at arm's length. This effort usually resulted in a sort of playful wrestling match. Brian's efforts were half-hearted and he always ended up pinned beneath Justin, being covered in smooches. Brian's nose was running constantly and the slight but ever-present tickle in his sinuses occasionally bloomed into a powerful sneeze or two. Which he actually liked because his head felt so clear immediately afterward. The cold medicine he was taking dried up the flood for a couple hours at a time, but the rapid heartrate he had developed let him know he should probably lay off and just put up with the remainder of his cold. Justin brought him some nasal spray from the drugstore, which did relieve his congestion, but made his nose run 10 times more and gave him a weird sort of sinus headache. He was resigned to sniffle his way through a few more tissue boxes and then hopefully be done with it.

"Where does all this sdot cobe frob?" Brian bunched up a tissue and pushed it halfway into his right nostril, which was currently out-performing the left. Justin couldn't help but smile a little everytime he heard Brian's stuffed-up cold-voice. Cute was definitely the appropriate word. "Wait, dod't tell be. That's a questiod odly the Lord cad adswer." The tissue in his nose was already wet. "I better be over this two days frob dow. I cad't do a beetidg like this."

"You might want to reschedule it."

"Ughhh." The tissue barrier was soaked and Brian had to blow his nose again into a fresh cluster of tissues. "I fuckin' hate colds."

"I know. They make you cranky. C'mere." Justin tugged on Brian's arm, pulling him down on the couch.

"But, I'b just as sweet as ever..." Brian curled up with his head on Justin's lap, enjoying the feeling of Justin's fingers running softly through his hair. He closed his eyes and basked in his lover's gentle affection.

He was almost asleep when he heard a muffled, "Ksch!Ish!" Brian rolled over and looked up at his partner. Justin's nostrils flared, and he cupped a hand over his nose and cringed in place for two more of his soft little sneezes, "Issch! K'shoo!!" He sighed in relief, rubbed his eyes and met Brian's gaze. "Allergies." Brian's expression was dubious. "I promise. I'm fine, just a li-Issssh!-ittle sneezey today." Justin pinched his nose shut briefly to quell any remaining sneezes

"That's the first I've heard of it."

"I was sneezing a ton when I was outside earlier." Justin leaned down to kiss Brian and was rebuffed.

"Doh kiss."

"Just one? I haven't caught it and I don't think you're contagious anymore..." Justin trailed off and sneezed a quick, "ISH!" against the back of his hand.

"You'd be a lot bore codvidcing if you stopped sdeezidg." Brian reached up with a clean tissue to wipe the allergic tears about to fall from the corners of Justin's eyes. He usually used to edge of his sleeve or his fingertips to do this.

"I really feel fine. Just a few sneezes. My nose itches." Justin sat still while Brian carefully wiped his eyes for him. "Thanks." Justin took the tissue from Brian's hand and rubbed his nose, which was running just a little bit.

"If you do catch by cold, dod't say I didd't ward you." Brian rolled back over to tend to his own nose, which he had to clear at least every 5 minutes.

Justin kissed Brian's cheek. "You warned me plenty." He planted kiss after kiss until Brian shrugged him off so he could blow his nose in peace.

While Brian napped on his lap, Justin watched some home design program with the TV on mute. What he wouldn't admit to Brian was that he wasn't entirely sure his sneezes were just from allergies. His throat had been a little scratchy, but he had been taking naps, drinking lots of fluids, using that Zinc nasal spray, that Airborne stuff. He was also taking extra vitamins and eating really healthy. The whole routine seemed to be helping him fend off the cold, if in fact, he *was* catching it. He wasn't sure, but he had been feeling sleepy for a few days, like his body was fighting something. Another sneezing fit was brewing and Justin took a few hitching breaths, pinching his nose closed to clench the sneezing fit into a stream of little "Knxt!" noises. Brian woke up, mumbled something, and seemed to fall back to sleep. His heavy, congested breathing was approaching snore territory, but never quite made it there. One snorer in the family was more than enough. Justin stared at the TV for awhile in a haze, then decided they should just go to bed since Brian was already passed out. Justin also wanted to make sure he slept more than usual...for the off chance that he WAS getting a touch of what Brian had.

Brian was half-asleep, semi-drugged on Nyquil, and just a total squishball. Justin just sort of nudged him around, getting him ready for bed, putting toothpaste on his toothbrush, running the sink for him, and so forth. He even had to position Brian over the toilet to encourage him to pee. He brushed his own teeth, washed his face, and changed into pajamas. Brian was already in the t-shirt and cuddly drawstring pants that he had been wearing all day. Brian crawled into bed and Justin ducked into the bathroom to blow nose as quietly as possible. Then he tucked a handful of tissues under Brian's pillow and got them both arranged nice and comfy before turning off the lights. He couldn't help but release a couple sneezes that he had been holding back, trying to muffle the sound as much as possible, hoping Brian wouldn't notice.

"Justid." He was startled by Brian's voice in the darkness. The tone was commanding, but softened by his completely stuffed-up nose.

"What?" Justin felt a little guitly. Brian was suddenly more alert, rolling over and turning on the nightstand light. Justin squinted and covered his face. Brian pried his hands off and looked at him.

"You sure you're dot gettidg sick?"

"Mmmm." Justin felt like hiding under the covers. "Pretty sure."

"Throat hurt?"

"Tiiiiiny bit."

"I hope you're dot sick..." Brian's expression was really sweet and puppy-dog-ish.

"Me too." Justin kissed him gently. "I love you. Love me?"

"Yeah...I do...". Brian turned off the light, falling asleep within seconds.


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Ohmigawsh! This is too cute! :wub: I'm really starting to love these characters with the way you write them. Justin is just too cute. :blush:

"He couldn't help but release a couple sneezes that he had been holding back, trying to muffle the sound as much as possible, hoping Brian wouldn't notice.

"Justid." He was startled by Brian's voice in the darkness. The tone was commanding, but softened by his completely stuffed-up nose.

"What?" Justin felt a little guitly. Brian was suddenly more alert, rolling over and turning on the nightstand light. Justin squinted and covered his face. Brian pried his hands off and looked at him.

"You sure you're dot gettidg sick?"

"Mmmm." Justin felt like hiding under the covers. "Pretty sure."

"Throat hurt?"

"Tiiiiiny bit."

"I hope you're dot sick..." Brian's expression was really sweet and puppy-dog-ish.

"Me too." Justin kissed him gently. "I love you. Love me?"

"Yeah...I do...". Brian turned off the light, falling asleep within seconds"

This was definately my fav. part! PLEASE continue? ^_^

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Thank you! I am so glad you enjoy it. I absolutely love Justin and Brian...it is fun to try to write for those characters... love how more of the affection that Brian shows Justin is indirect, like gentle physical touches instead of saying "i love you". I was so happy that the character of Justin had allergies on the tv show, but unfortunately he never sneezed.

hopefully there will be lots more as I come up with it!


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  • 4 weeks later...

Justin wasn't totally sure he was out of the woods until the next day. He was always a little stuffy in the morning from allergies, and sometimes sneezed a lot from the steam during his shower. But, after the shower he was relieved to find his head was clear and he didn't feel sick at all.

He was surprised by just one lingering sneeze as he walked back into the bedroom, "Ixshh!". He didn't feel it coming fast enough to stifle it. He tried stifling the next one but it came out in two parts "Ish!" and "Shew!". He was usually good at stifling, and this would have been the right moment for it, since he didn't want Brian to hear him sneezing so much.

"Bless you." Brian was lying awake in bed and looking at him critically. It was not Brian's style to bless someone after they sneeze, and the words were said in the tone of "I heard that."

"Thanks, love." Justin gave him a little smirk and knelt down by the bed to see if he could get a kiss. Brian narrowed his eyes and looked at Justin studiously. "Bri, I'm not sick. I feel fine."


"Promise." Justin inhaled pointedly through his nose; it was clear. Brian relaxed and let Justin smooch him a little. "But, how do you feel?"

"Dot sure." His nose was still really stuffy, but the symptoms were always worse when he awoke, so it was hard to tell if he was getting better or not.

Justin kissed Brian's nose. "Are you going in to work...?"

"Yeah, I cad't really stay hobe adybore od accoudt of a stuffy doze."

"Cute." Justin could barely make out that sentence, but it sounded cute.

"Shut up." Brian pulled some tissues out of the box and tried to clear his nose, kicking at Justin as he walked away.

"Whatever, sweetie." Justin was out of kick-range as he threw an unwelcome term of endearment over his shoulder. "Shall I make some waffles?"

Oh lord....waffles. Probably with strawberries on top, too. Brian didn't reply, getting out of bed, still blowing his nose and heading toward the bathroom. He took a really hot shower, shaved and swallowed a few non-drowsy cold tablets. He could tell he was ill just from looking at his reflection. His eyes and nose looked irritated, but it was pretty subtle, thanks to the extra-soft lotiony tissues. His voice was another story, thanks to his thoroughly stuffed-up nose and slight hoarseness from all the congestion. He looked at himself for awhile, watching his expression change as a sneeze built. The urge to sneeze just kept building as he slowly got dressed, until he finally bent double with a powerful, "HESSSSHOOO!" The sneeze was audibly wet and he had to blow his nose again afterward. This was going to be a long day, in which many Kleenex would be massacred. He grabbed a stack of folded tissues and stuck them in every available pocket.

In the kitchen was Justin, with an apron around his waist (thankfully not a frilly one), a waffle iron and a growing stack of waffles. And yes, there were strawberries. Brian smiled broadly at the sight, but managed to shift his expression back to bored/neutral by the time his partner turned around.

"Hey." Justin broke out the Sunshine grin, removing the waffle from the iron and setting it onto the stack. "You look good."

"Yeah, thadks."

"Hmmm." Justin expression shifted into 'uh-oh'.

"Yeah, yeah, I soud like shit..." Brian broke a piece off one waffle and stuck it in his mouth.

"Personally, I think you're fuckin' adorable with a cold, but..."

"Dot the bost professiodal soudidg voice." Brian's nose was running again and he hoped the medicine would dry that up even if it didn't clear his voice.

"You hungry?"

"Actually, I ab." His appetite hadn't been very strong since he had caught the cold. Justin served him a plate of waffles, strawberries, and even freshly whipped cream. Every time Justin cooked like this, Brian felt like he was on an Amish farm or something with his wife. He speared a bite of delicious Belgian waffle and guessed there were worse fates than his.

"Its kind of a sugar rush but you need this, too." Justin poured a glass of the special kind of O.J., for people who were trying to fend off colds. They both chomped away happily until Brian noticed the clock and realized he needed to get going to prepare some documents for the meeting.

"Don't do it...don't do it!!" Justin teased. It was about 9 PM and he was drawing at his table. Brian was sitting on the couch, completely preoccupied with an urgent need to sneeze.

"Stop, you're distractidg be...hehhh...ohhh...fuck..." Brian pulled another tissue from the box. His other hand was resting on his upper chest, concentrating on his breathing and willing the tickle in his nose to either build into a sneeze or go away. His eyes were starting to water as the burning sensation grew, feeling like his nose was under pressure. Now he just wanted the sneeze to hurry up and come so he could feel better for a moment. He tilted his head from side to side, feeling the congestion shift, the sneezey feeling move from one nostril to the other. He kept taking quick, involuntary breaths, false starts that weren't quite enough. He tried blowing his nose but the congestion was too heavy; he needed to sneeze, badly. One of his typically powerful sneezes would be enough to clear his stuffy nose for a couple minutes at least. Justin was starting to laugh, and Brian glared at him, between hitching breaths. His eyelids kept fluttering shut with each false-start.

"Its a great show."

"Its ad awful...hehhhh...show. I'b...ehhhh.. ready for the fidale."

"Here." Justin tilted his drawing lamp directly into Brian's eyes. "Look up at it." Brian looked, winced, and his eyes teared up and overflowed. Now Justin felt guilty, "Oh...sorry, baby."and quickly turned the light back down.

"Wait, I thidk it did sobethidg. Do it agaid."

Justin turned the light toward Brian again, and they waited as the sneeze built. The pressure was right behind Brian's eyes now, and his nostrils were flaring with irregular breaths, until finally, "Heh'ESHHHHAHH!!!". He caught the sneeze in both hands, froze breathlessly for a moment to see if there was another. He still felt a little sneezey but mostly relieved. Brian blew his nose; it was running like crazy now.

"Yay." Justin.

Brian sighed and flopped backward on the couch. "I'b tired dow..."

"I know; its hard work." Justin teased in a gentle voice.

"You did'dt bless be."

"You aren't even into that."

"I'b...used to it dow."

"Makes you feel better doesn't it...?"

"Baybe a little." Brian said softly, wiping his nose one last time and tossing the tissue onto the coffee table. Justin climbed onto the couch and lowered himself onto Brian's body, supporting his body weight with his hands. "What are you doidg?" he snaked his arms around Justin's waist and they kissed until Brian pulled away. His breathing was heavily congested, nose already blocked up again, and probably preparing for another slowly-building sneeze.

"Bless you..." Justin whispered in his love's ear, nipping his earlobe on the way.

"Yeah...thadks..." Brian was getting better at the whole blessing-thanking routine. Justin relaxed his arms and relaxed against Brian's body. Brian responded by hugging Justin against his chest. He felt his nose starting to run, and he sniffled hard, delaying the inevitable by only a few moments. He reached out and his hand fumbled for the tissue box. Justin started to move off of his chest to give him room. Brian pulled Justin back against him with one hand and held a tissue beneath his nose with the other. Brian turned his head to the side and gave his nose a quiet, one-handed blow, conscious of Justin's face right next to his own. "Sorry."

"Its okay...go ahead."

Brian unfolded the tissue, held it in both hands and blew with a little more force this time. He could clear his left nostril, but the right just sort of gurgled in a frustrating way. It was harder to clear his nose when he was lying on his back, without the benefit of gravity. He balled up the tissue, and rubbed the edges of his nose clean, with a sigh of resignation. The edges of his nostrils were pink and sore despite the quality of the tissues he had been using. He pulled a fresh tissue from the box, knowing he would need it soon enough. Justin snuzzled back into his chest and Brian couldn't resist planting a small kiss on his blond hair. His nose felt so twitchy, like it was trying to sniffle without his consent. When he caught cold he always blew his nose as much as possible to relieve himself of the need to sniffle. It always drove him crazy when people sniffled uncontrollably; he didn't even like to hear himself sniffling (although sometimes it seemed more convenient than reaching for a tissue). The tiny sniffly noises emanating from Justin during an allergic spell were the exception to the rule. His head colds were cute too, no matter how much Justin blew his nose, he still had to sniffle, a reflex from the childhood allergies he was still hoping to outgrow.

They rested like that for awhile, Justin breathing quietly and Brian breathing a little louder than usual, trying to breathe around his stuffy nose.

"You feel kinda warm." Justin pressed the side of his cheek against Brian's, to gauge the temperature.

"Well, there's a body lyidg on top of be."

"That could be it..."

"There isd't a fever with this ode." Brian wiped his nose, then suddenly yawned.


"Yeah, you...?"

"No...its still early. I think you should sleep, though. I'll be there in awhile."

"Id a bidute." Brian was so sleepy from his cold, but he wanted to cuddle Justin a little more. His nose and sinuses felt full and achy with congestion but his body was warm and comfortable with Justin lying on him. After a few minutes, Justin stood up, pulled Brian up gently by both hands. Brian stood up and they moved right into a hug.

"Want me to tuck you in?"

"Oh, I'b sure I cad badage."

"'Night." Justin tilted up his head to kiss the side of Brian's neck. "Hope you're better tomorrow..."

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YAY! I love this story, so cute! I loved this:

""You did'dt bless be."

"You aren't even into that."

"I'b...used to it dow."

"Makes you feel better doesn't it...?"

"Baybe a little." Brian said softly, wiping his nose one last time and tossing the tissue onto the coffee table."

I could totally see this in my head! *melt* Gah, it's just so good! :yes: Is there more?

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KAWAIIIIIIIIII!!!!!! That was BEYOND cute!!! I love, love, LOVE them!!!! Thank you :group:

thanks, sweetie. I am so glad you enjoyed it! there will definitely be more because i just love those characters!!

so glad you are enjoying it. There will be more. I love writing the squishier aspect of Brian's character because I noticed it a lot in the show. Like when he tells Justin that he is going to go to New york and he will move on and not even think about Justin, then he totally contradicts his cold-hearted words by hugging Justin and petting Justin's hair with such tenderness.

YAY! I love this story, so cute! I loved this:

""You did'dt bless be."

"You aren't even into that."

"I'b...used to it dow."

"Makes you feel better doesn't it...?"

"Baybe a little." Brian said softly, wiping his nose one last time and tossing the tissue onto the coffee table."

I could totally see this in my head! *melt* Gah, it's just so good! :( Is there more?

also, I am pleased that my fic caused you to :::blushing::: I have been known to do some sneezefic-related bouncing in my time. heheeehehee.

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I know i's been a while since your last post, so I understand if you arn't into this story anymore...


This is so cute!!! If it's not to late to ask, please continue!

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I'm not very experienced at writing stories so my stories tend to fizzle out unfortunately. I think as I practice more I'll be able to be more prolific. If I get really inspired I will totally continue one of my old stories. Thanks so much for the reading and encouragement.

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This is yummy... :hug: You should continue! Soon! Or whenever want to...

I'm a little confused about something. Is Justin sick or is it really allergies? Fingers crossed on sick. :)

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I love this story! :laugh: It's so yummy! and it just makes me.......... :winkkiss::) haha anyway..... I agree with cupcake. I think that you should so continue if you can that is. ;)

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I remember reading this (and another, "Ours") when I used to lurk on the boards, looking for adorable fiction. This was always one of my favorites! Good to see the thread's been revived!

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Guest Miss_Understanding

Well, I'm very late to this particular party, but this was AWESOME. I love these guys & you write them very well. According to another poster, you have other QAF fics here? I'll be searching them out. :dribble:

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