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Convo about sneezes and allergies (F)


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Today, after taking our exam, we had some downtime before class started up again. I was sitting in a study area with some other girls in my class. All are between the ages of 23 and 25, I think. We were making small talk when one of the girls, Allie, said: "I'm getting so sleepy-- I took a Benadryl about half an hour ago." Allie has curly brown hair, hazel eyes, and is very voluptuous-- curvy hips and HUGE boobs. She went on, "Someone at work brought their dog in, and I was playing with it all afternoon. Then I started getting all sneezy and itchy-- I thought it was my sweater, but now I think I'm allergic to dogs." Her voice was a little hoarse and she sniffled a few times, but no sneezes.

"Oh, that sucks," another girl, with dyed hot pink hair. She is small—probably about 5’2” with pixie cropped hair and dresses kind of punk/emo. “I’m allergic to dogs—and I got a little pug as a graduation present. I had no idea I was allergic until I had that dog. I was sick all the time—sneezing, coughing, runny nose, itchy. It was miserable. After about two months I finally gave the dog to my parents.”

“I developed a pet allergy in vet school,” chimes in the blonde. This girl is pretty hot—long blonde hair, about 5’5”—petite, thin frame but with a nice ass. “Gradually I started getting the sniffles after class, and then I started sneezing all the time. I started taking Claritin but it got even worse, and I eventually had to drop out of vet school.”

Just picturing all these girls in their respective sneezy situations was enough to get me going! Any one of them sounds like a hot idea for a story! A girl who plays a dog at work and doesn’t know she’s allergic…. A girl who gets a dog as a graduation present and doesn’t know she’s allergic…. A girl who starts vet school and develops an increasingly sneezy allergy to animals…. SO HOT! Even though there were no sneezes, what an awesome convo to have witnessed!

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WOW. I definitely feel you on that one! For me, actually witnessing sneezes isn't so likely to make the situation awkward, as I'll either secretly watch and not say anything/do anything to draw attention to myself and enjoy to my heart's content, OR, I'll go on as if nothing's happened, ignoring the sneezes entirely. Either works as long as the sneezing isn't prolonged (see Home Improvement Obs post :twisted:).

What I absolutely CANNOT keep myself together around is description and regaling of sneezy stories, situations and the like. I could be perfectly composed, if perhaps a little reddish in the face and glowish in the eyes, if a woman in my vicinity sneezed, say, 2-3 times in a row every five minutes for an hour. If the same woman wanted to talk to me about her allergies, and went so far as to describe a specific situation in which her allergies caused her to sneeze, I'd be a mumbling puddle around her feet within 15 minutes, completely incapable of intelligent conversation.

Lucky you! ;)

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