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Sneezy boys.


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Ok, so I did these up and I thought I'd share. :blushsad: Frost is at the tail end of a BAD cold in this pic. You can see his nose is all chapped from how many tissues he's gone through. (Or should I say how many BOXES of tissues?) Either way, he is ever the gentleman.


Hehe and this is Doyle, Aku's LOVA! In his traditional garb. With his sword 'black madness'. And heyfever...um...yes. I am a twisted woman.


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GF- you NEVER cease to astound me with the beauty of your work....oh man...of all the ones ive seen of either of the boys...these are both my favorites.....

Frost....he's just so beautiful...and proper....and HAWT!!!

and Doyle...what can i say about a man in a kilt sneezing and saying "shite" :blushsad: *nice ragweed btw* :wacko:

you and Aku are some lucky ones!!!

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Gah, FUCK!!! I know I already did this to you in person, but....I MUST SPAZZ OFF HERE and show how feckin' gay I really am!!!

*STARE* :cool:

*GAPE* :rolleyes:

*FLAIL* :mad::huh:

*DEAD* :censored:

Someone get the paddles!!!! I'm CODING!!! :mad:

Or you could just poke me with a hot stick. :wacko:

GAH, can I just say that Kilted Doyle is the HOTTEST thing I've ever seen in my life?!?! *FAINTS* Not that I...you know...printed that out and made love to it or anything. :dribble: And of course, I love the way you captured Frost there in his "shy, mild-mannered" moment. I'd like a lick of Frost, yes please!!

They will now come to take me away. Hee hee haa haa hoo hoo...:angry::blushsad:

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:eek: Dude, your colouring is like PHWOOOOAAAHHHHH!!!

Woah. That Doyle is like... DALKSGHE!!! Holy crap.... Kilt.... SHITE!! :lol::wub:

And i love the suble shading and backgrounds. Just..... Living up to your usual AMAZING style, GF. :winkkiss:

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:wub: zzzshethd... dkfeee... magmepobum... :winkkiss:

These are plain wonderful. I can't fake a brain now here. Sorry. Maybe I'll just stare some more. :eek: Thank you, what a wonderful morning!

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Kilted hot sexy hayfever....... :winkkiss:

GF you are a wonderful artist!

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OMG, too much hotness! Frost is just... purrrrrr ...SO beautiful! :winkkiss: And Doyle... *STARES* I have no words! Simply breathtaking!

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:lol: Wauuww.... these are wonderful!

Especially the one of Frost. He is indeed desirable. :)

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