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Webcam sneezes

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Hi everyone,

so I've just subscribed to this wonderful forum but I've been following it since a year or so and now finally I've decided to register myself and to post a topic! :wub:

So this is what happened last day.

I've met this really really cute guy and we've just started hanging around together and getting to know each other better but now he's gone in the Netherlands to work so I can only see him on webcam and hear him with skype. :winkkiss:

A short description: his not very tall, has blond short hair and sweet blue eyes.

So last Monday he started to come down with a sore throat and ended up having fever in the evening, my poor thing!! Anyway on Tuesday he was home sick but managed in the afternoon to connect to the internet. I was at work, connected to msn, and suddenly saw him online and I was like woah! he's online!

So he was on msn and than just decided to switch on his webcam and it was suuuuuuuuuch a good idea! He was such a cute mess! He was wearing glasses because I think that his contact lenses give him troubles when he has a cold, you could see he was all stuffed up because he was breathing through his mouth. He blew his nose several times and said (wrote!) he was feeling awful. Then I thought I saw his nose starting to wrinkle and at that point work was the last thing on my mind and my attention was all at the webcam! I continued watching/staring at him (he just forgot he was being watched by me because he thought I was busy working! :lol:) and then I saw his mouth drop down, his eyes getting that confused look and than he pulled over to the left and sneezed,... I was like, oh my god! I can't take this! I'm in the office!!! after a few seconds in which the second sneeze was building up he gave a second sneeze always on the left side (shame I couldn't HEAR them!!!) and then took a tissue and blew his nose. I guess that if something was going to happen in the office, or a bomb would fell near me I wouldn't even realize, I was transfixed! LOL

A few moments later he rubbed his nose, froze for a few seconds with his eyes closed and then sneezed again two times in a row. I was delirious at that point!

Unfortunately after those sneezes he didn't sneeze anymore but kept on blowing his nose.

I wasn't nearly able to speak anymore haha so I decided and told myself, ok come on, go on with your work and switch that webcam off!! But I wasn't strong enough! Fortunately (or unfortunately) after a while he told me he was feeling tired and that the cold was knocking him down so he was going to lie down on the bed.

I miss him so much!! He still has the cold now and when I call him on skype I can hear he has a stuffy voice and that he has to blow his nose, if I'm lucky maybe I'll catch some other sneezes. I really wish I could be there with him :eek:

So this is my first post, please be nice with me also because English isn't my language LOL

I hope you enjoy it.


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That sounds absolutely wonderful (for you at least!).

In the office.........that has to be the worst for frustration! :blink:

Welcome to the forum. Very nice first ob.

And until you said I would have never guessed English wasn't your first language. And I couldn't even begin to translate your post into any other language at all!

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Wonderful first obs! It's like not only observing someone unawares, but actually having the observation brought to you on a plate, as it were. Pity you were working; not that it seems to have spoilt your enjoyment.

You needn't worry about your English at all! Write lots more obsides!

And welcome to the forum.

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Many many thanks to all of you for your kind comments!!! :blushing: I'm so glad my first obs was good and that my English doesn't sucks so much as I thought ihihi :blushing:

Anyways, I wanted to add some more information about this guy and me LOL. After a few times we started going out together I began sneaking a few questions like: "do you have any allergies" and he goes "no, not at all" i was like NOOOOOOOOO :laugh::D what a pity!!!! and then a few days later I wanted to start a sneezy conversation and I began saying "you know, my boss sneezes really loud and it goes on my nerves! (it's the truth, I hate when he sneezes, I don't know why :) )" and I asked him "do you sneeze loudly?" :innocent: hihihiiii and he said "not particularly loud" and then the conversation just died down. ugh. :unsure:

He still has the cold and next week he's arriving from the NL and he's going to stay at my house for 3-4 days HURRAY! and so I keep on asking him: "how's your cold? is it going any better?" and I'm obviously being a bitchy one because I'm praying that he still has the cold next week when I see him!! :blushing::unsure:

Uuuh, I'm feeling awful to wish this thing! Am I an evil person??? :D

Again, thanks to everyone for the kind support and I wish you a really good day :)


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Uuuh, I'm feeling awful to wish this thing! Am I an evil person??? :blushing:

Ha ha......no more evil than the rest of us! :)

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I've been reading your posts in the wrong order, so I see you have another sneezy boyfriend (some people's colds can be just as sneeze-rich as allergies!). Thanks for sharing it all with us; as you see, there are many of us who enjoy reading you very much.

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AWWWWW! So cute! And your not evil.........if he's still sick, you can nurse him back to health. So there. :bleh: Wonderful obbs though and keep us posted!

ps your english does not suck.

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