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So I feel like writing my first sneezefic. I've written some House-centric and Wilson-centric stuff before (and there's more scenarios in my head where those came from). Planning on writing a sick or allergic Wilson, as you seem to have the bases covered with Chase, but I'm not against writing about our dear House either. I'm kind of nervous-excited about this one, so I was wondering if there were any situations that you wanted to see described. Or, you know, behaviours or mannerisms that you find especially hot to focus on. In general, it's just a call for a tiny bit of inspiration to help lead me in the right direction with these things.

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Hmmm.... we've covered Chase??? Drat!! lol!! I'll admit that as a writer I haven't felt Chase inspired as much for a while, but...

lol!! Anyway... I personally think that RSL (aka Wilson) is HOOOOOOOTT!!!!!!!!! I'm generally more of a cold monger than allergies- but stoic suffering just melts me to no end.

House... I'm not as into Hugh Laurie- although I think that he kicks butt MAJORLY as an actor. House the character to me is a major challenge as far as getting the balance between stubbornness and hiding and self-pitying and "look at me" type of thing that he'd do. I'd definately read either House or Wilson though.

I love character driven stuff (no Overly sappy House or Wilson (although Wilson tends to be more sapish than House- but so is everyone :blushing: and I think that if there is a situation where the character would be embarrassed that is a Vey good thing. I personally think that Wilson/Cuddy or House/Stacy where one of the "boys" are trying to impress either female could lend itself to a really cute story.

Actually- House/Stacy- Nobody has done Anything like that here (to my knowledge) so that could be really cool. And he was SO all about impressing her in the beginning and the whole akwardness when they were baack in love but there was still Mark. I mean... that could be good too... like he could debate whether or not to exploit being sick to win her or if he should do the "right" thing. House angst... that is another rareity around here.

:) sorry for rambling on endlessly. I hope that you have lots of fun with whatever project you decide to work on. I think that when an author really gets inspired by a bunny and they just HAVE to write it= awesomeness. :D

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