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Bakery Employee (m)


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Although my germ phobia makes restaurant employee sneezing incredibly uncomfortable for me, this one was hot enough to overcome my distaste for the situation.

I heard rather than saw the sneezer, but I knew who it was -- an extremely attractive guy, middle twenties, tall, shoulder-length straight golden-blond hair that he wears in a ponytail. He has slightly ascetic, chiseled features ... he looks a bit like Julian Sands. He was standing out of sight behind the espresso machine, and sneezed a comparatively quiet, very dry and breathy "Heh-chisshhhhhh!" The guy standing at the cash register, a curly-haired, merry, blue-eyed fellow who is always in a good mood, said "Bless you!" A second later, there was another "Heh-isssshhhhhhh!" to which the cashier guy replied "Gesundheit!"

Then there was a pause. The cashier guy said: "I bet there's another one ... oh yes ... there it is!" As he finished speaking, the sneezer finished with a slightly more forceful "Ha-SISSSSHHH!" to which the cashier said, "Salud!"

Then the cashier said: "I always bless in that order. Most people don't make it to the 'Salud.' "

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Very nice - thank you !

Not being germ-phobic, I would have enjoyed without reserve - and did thanks to your description.

Funny how smaller sneezes often turn into multiples. And isn't the cashier's "blessing" routine revealing ?

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Well some nice sneezing and blessing there. "Most people don't make it to the 'Salud.'" Excellent!

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Guest Posaune

*giggle* "Most people don't make it to the 'Salud'." :D That's just hilarious.

And wowwowwow! What a great obs. The sneezer sounds utterly delicious, and his sneezes do, too! Thanks for posting. :3

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