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More samurai fun (M)


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Gay samurais? Yup. These two lovebirds just keep rampaging in my head. I sketch them quite a lot so if more sneezes were to happen, I'll dump it here.

So ink this time

Oh shit! You just ruined an intimate moment! ... your little friend doesn't look like he cared though :P

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Eh.... :innocent:

HRRRGGGNN. :gah: That's GORGEOUS. :laugh:

SLGSHRG!! your watercolour NEVER ceases to amaze me, shiny bug. Especially the hair. LDSGHLSKDH!!! :hyper:

Of course i dont want to do naughty things with them :P:)

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Mmmmmmyummy! :wub: DAMN, that is hot! *sits down to watch* Oh, don't mind me boys, please continue. :drool:

This? very awesome, Shiny! :drool:

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You just ruined an intimate moment! ...


I think not.

And watercolour again. So beautiful. I'd do that funny thing with lots of letters in seemingly random order but I can't remember how to spell it!

So I'll just say...........I love it! :yes:

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Thank you you're all so nice to me! :dribble: It's actually painted with diluted ink only, and as it acts very differently from watercolour, it makes me WTF a lot... but it's still fun. Would work nicely on black-and-white movie stars :yes:

Hippo... Naughty? How? I just can't imagine.... :twisted: Or can. :wub: Actually, that has a lot to do with why the hair looks messy like that...

VoOs, I think they're too busy with eachother to notice being watched... :hyper:

Vetinari, you mean sldkfjlsdkf? :dribble: Thanks :dribble:

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