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A Very Cold Monk


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The idea for this came into my head yesterday at work. In the elevator of all places! :D But that's extraneous information.

I was just minding my own NORMAL business! I was standing there with my IF in the elevator when this image of Miroku sitting in the snow being all cold FORCED its way into my head. So I did what I what any normal kid would do: I drew the freezing monk that was in my head! And this is the result. In all, it took about 1.5 days to finish. It's also not a terribly refined picture. That's a function of ability rather than effort, though :drool:


I had lots of fun doing this. Maybe I should draw more Miroku pictures in the future! :rolleyes: Although.... I really REALLY liked doing the tree in this one.... :mad:

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:rolleyes: Oh dear... experiencing a sudden need to cuddle like crazy... !!!!!

I know absolutely nothing about this Miroku-character, but damn I want to hug him even more... :drool:

Oh, and the tree looks fabulous :D

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Hmm...I am starting to think that I am the most spoiled person on this board, my IF's get drawn/written about oh so very often! :drool: And erm...I don't think you'd hear me complaining if you suddenly up and decided to draw more! :D

What can I say that I haven't said already. Okay, I LOVE your take on him. I love the style you do him in, and I think the pose is really well done. And of course the TREE. The style that you chose to do the tree in really suits the entire piece and it's lovely and the shape of the branches is really realistic.

And then there is the way that you drew the snow around where he is sitting to look like it is melting. It gives the impression that he's been sitting there a very long time. Which of course just makes me want to hug the everliving daylights out of him!

So yes. VERYVERYVERY adorable. And I am one very happy KK right now, oh yes!

Now to stare a bit more...

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Oh poor Miroku! Very nice _Thread!

*looks round for KK :D ..........don't see anybody here :drool: ............snuggles Miroku*


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Whee! Thanks for all the nice comments, guys! :) I'm glad that my spontaneous decisions to draw stuff are appreciated! :cryhappy:

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Oh, I totally missed this! I don't usually hang around the artwork or stories boards. That is so lovely! And of course your trees are always excellent.

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Oh man! I used to be the biggest IY fangirl dorkazoid! (Not that I'll ever grow out of it completely)

The composition of this drawing is really nice... I'm getting a sort of lonely but adorable vibe from it. :P

(I'm digging your icon, by the way, Thread. :laugh: I would watch that show every day if it was still on.)

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