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distracting work sneezing (f)

Sunshine Face

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There are several managers at my store, and the one on duty on Friday is between 25 and 30. She is very tall- at least 5'10"- and is a large woman, but it looks good on her, do you know what I mean? She kind of exudes a sexual athleticism/enthusiasm. She has long thick brown wavy hair, glasses, and an adorable cheerful personality.

When I first got in on Friday I walked by her door and took notice of this small, desperate, weak female sneeze- like someone had been up all night and had really had enough. After that I was doing my thing on the first floor- I wouldn't normally be there but a co-worker was out- and one employee said hello to her as he walked in, and asked how she was feeling. She replied, in a stuffy, weak voice, "I'b fide, but I'b still a little......" and trailed off. My god. As if she wasn't already attractive enough. :lol: And I still had an hour or so to go up there.

Luckily my job doesn't require much thought, because I was completely and utterly distracted for a good forty-five minutes. She started a project with a co-worker near me, and as they chatted I was enthralled by her delightfully sick voice, always waiting. Finally, finally, while the co-worker was away doing something else, she sneezed. It was huge, and I'm sure she let it take over her body. I think she forgot that I was there, because it sounded like a sneeze that would be kept private. After a raggedy intake of breath, it sounded like "ha-EESHOOO! ::sigh::." She was clearly overwhelmed by it and I wish I could have watched. It sounded so satisfying. :wub:

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What a lovely observation; the sick voice and the massive sneeze at the end. I think I might have been a trifle distracted too :wub:

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