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Dilemma with bf


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I've recently told my boyfriend about the fetish, and to my utmost joy, he's more than willing to do anything that pleasures me. However.... that's what worries me.

I told very clearly that I put his physical health above my personal desires, but he retorted that he puts my personal desires above his physical health. He only sneezes when he's sick so I was really happy at first, but it's been like a month and he's not getting better. I don't think there's anything serious wrong, I just suspect that he's purposely keeping himself sick for my pleasure. I've tried talking to him but I don't think he believes me when I say that I honestly do value his health. It really worries me, and there's not much I can physically do to help him, as we both go to different colleges and don't see each other too often.

Are people going to hate me for having a constantly sick-sneezy companion? I hope not.. :yes:

Has anyone ever been is this sort of situation? Or have any advice for me?

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I'm curious as to how exactly he would go about "deliberately keeping himself sick." Do you mean that you think he has something such as a sinus infection, and he isn't going to the doctor?

And yes, I doubt you'll be popular guests if one of you is continually symptomatic with a contagious illness. :-) Perhaps you and he should experiment with methods of inducing.

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Um, I would definitely start looking into methods of inducing, instead of him being constantly sick. But, it's really brave of him to do that for you.

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