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The Haunted Sneeze and a natural sneeze


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Hey Guys,

Ok so earlier this morning - in Australia and I'm chatting away to SFF friends, and when I finished chatting - well while in the chat I was like saying "I needed to sneeze." Then I felt the itchy nose and and everything and I was like damn it - come on! Anyway's when I finished chatting - I went ashooo, it was so funny, I laughed about it! My nose is a real tease when I'm talking to SFF friends, I mean, really lol! :rolleyes:

Sometimes it really annoys me, and I was saying stuff like "This sneeze is haunting me" cause it truly wa-s - achooo - excuse me - *blushes* *blows nose lightly* :unsure: I just sneezed typing this observation and I'm talking to no one as of yet - oh well. :D Sad I think I'm done for the day now. My nose has got to stop teasing me, I'm sure my SFF friends would love to know when I sneeze, LOL! Anyway's that's the story of my haunted sneeze, and it's early morning to, I'm mostly sneezy then on some mornings or nights it depends I guess. I guess and my sneezes are natural ones too. *blush* Hope you all liked it, I enjoyed typing it up for you all to read? *hugs all*



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