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First obs in a long time...M


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Hi. Umm, yeah, I went and lost my password so haven't been on here in months...and I'm really not going to be around much, ever...but here're a couple of obs for ya....

So I've written about J before, the wavy-brown-haired blue-eyed incredibly hot guy that I've liked for...over a year now, I guess. I remember I once posted that J always sneezes in doubles. Well--I've heard some triples from him! The one I really remember well enough to describe was as follows: he and I and a bunch of other people were sitting around a table at lunch one day and all of a sudden he turns his head to the side and sneezes "CHOO!" into the corner of the room. I knew there was another one coming, though it seemed to take longer than usual. A few seconds after that first one came "CHOO! CHOO!" way closer together. Loud enough to be heard, but nice and soft, yay...loud sneezes make me jump out of my skin.

Oh, and J is a photic sneezer. :-) I'd suspected it for awhile and then at one point last year he and I were in the library together, and I think he had a cold or something...anyway, he suddenly pushed his chair away from the table and stared intently up at the lights. "You okay?" I asked him, turning around to face him, to which he responded somewhat breathlessly, "Gonna sneeze..." but then a few seconds later he looked back down, scooted back toward the table, and said in this fake melodramatic voice, "Alas, it was not to be." Lol! Anyway, but I knew he was a photic sneezer sometime after that, because he talked about it with our group of friends...and I must admit to not having paid all that much attention to the conversation. I do remember, though, him mentioning that he sneezes when he looks at the sun, and someone else saying "Oh yeah, everyone does that. It's because your eyes water and that gets into your nose and..." and then J was like, "um, no way all of this happens fast enough to be real." and it was sort of interesting, except I'm not comfortable joining in these kinds of conversations, so I kind of tuned them out after awhile.

Anyway...hope you enjoyed the obs. :-)

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Very nice, especially since I have this "thing" for cute, photic guys. Thanks for sharing, he sounds adorable! :(

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