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Sneeze followed by bless and back rub!


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As some of you who remember me may have noticed that I haven't been on for almost a year. Long story... but anyways, I have a new job now. We're doing this all-hands type activity on fixing these files. The woman (N) who is running everything is an israeli, so of course she loves me as I'm the only other Hebrew speaker, other than another woman, but she is on the oldish side, and not at all cuddly... But, to go into descriptions, she is pretty thin (but with very nice breasts :innocent: ), curly black hair, about 5 foot 7 and cocoa colored skin. About 29 or 30ish. VERY pretty! So I was filing/upgrading away when... what came on but a SNEEZE! *shock* I kind of paused on my folder and put my hand up to press against my itchy nose. This helped a bit so I lowered it and started to continue, but it came back right away. I gave an "oh-fuck-it" sigh and sneezed into my wrist twice, "Haah-KSHIA! Huh-kshia!. Suddenly I felt this hand rubbing my back and turning, all shocked and red, saw "N"! She had a cute smile on her face and went, "Bless you!" sounding all surprised and pleased. I managed to stutter out a "thank you" but I was all red, realizing her hand was still on my back... :bleh: She rubbed it a last time and walked off with a last smile :drool:

Later I was on a bus going to lunch when I saw her walking, kind of squinty in the sunlight. She turned and stopped for a moment, lifted a hand about 3 inches from her face and lurching a little sneezed over it. I managed to catch her eye through the window and mouthed a "bless you" to her. :hug: She got all cute and smiley and threw a "thanks!" back in a sort of half-mouthed way! Gahhh! So cute! She has this curvy, really mediterannean nose! Very ethnic and sexy! :P:omg: I just wish I could have heard it... *sigh*

Anybody else gotten a back rub in exchange for a sneeze? My mom used to do that, but obviously it isn't exactly the same! :hug:

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Welcome back, Anya! This is wonderfully erotic, not only the backrubbing response to your lovely sneezes but also the exchange of sneezes with this lady. What fun! It seems she was quite responsive to your situation....

So, er, bud'tye zdorova, if that's right [or even if it isn't].

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