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Chocolate Strikes Again


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You know, I might just be on to something here with this chocolate business, here's what happened:

I was sitting upstairs watching Numb3rs while very slowly eating away a piece of some very chocolaty cake. Home made cake actually, mom went all out and used dark 60% coca chocolate, lots of it. Now me, all my life I've been the kind to stick to milk chocolate or white chocolate but lately I've been trying to develop the tolerance for dark chocolate as well. I'm very picky about food, sensitive taste buds, so being still a little reluctant to the bitterness I was taking my sweet time eating it. After every mouthful I'd stop for a few minutes or so, to clear my pallet.

I was taken aback a bit when a familiar sensation crept up on me. My old friend the chocolate tickle ... caught of guard and not thinking straight I fought back and manipulated my way out of a sneeze (stupid, right? I know ... ). Afterwards it occurred to me that I should try to embrace the whole thing and see if I can actually get the chocolate to get me to sneeze - again.

I continued my slow eating routine, still taking breaks between bites --- because I figured that in order to get the tickle going I better start from a neutral state. I think my reason triumphed because after probably 15 minutes or so from the first unexpected tickle I manage to recreate the experience. Holding on to the buzz, I suddenly found myself sneezing "hektchh" into 2 cupped hands, doing my best not to spray chocolate. As opposed to last time, the whole not-spraying-chocolate-business didn't go quite as smoothly. As I looked at the palms of my hands I saw a mixture of transparent spray & micro-chocolate-droplets so I just got up and washed my hands :( that aside, victory was mine!

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