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What You Do After Sneeze?


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After sneeze, does you sniffle, rub nose, or blow nose?

After sneeze, I do all three. ^^

I sniffle as rub nose, then take out favorite handkerchief to blow nose.

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I usually just sniffle and rub my nose. I only blow my nose if it is runny or really stuffy. My nose is really sensitive not only for the fact that just about anything can make me go into an endless sneezing fit, but my nose will hurt really quickly after just a few times of blowing my nose, and I never blow my nose hard.

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I sigh right after I sneeze then I sniffle until I can find a tissue to blow my nose.

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Usually sniffle for a few minutes. If the sneeze was wet, then I find a tissue and blow.

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Since I have a bad cold right now...I do all three.

Snap!! Middle of summer - 30' outside - and the lad and I both curled up inside with colds. Grrr!!

I usually sniff..... and blow only if that doesn't work.

The lad never sniffs. He always has a hanky in his pocket, always catches the sneeze, and always blows his nose afterwards. And then he'll continue dabbing at his nose for a few minutes afterwards, usually resting his hanky in his lap betweentimes. It is excruciatingly sexy, believe me!! :):drool::twisted:


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If it's just one sneeze, I probably won't have to do anything, but if it's two or three or more I'll definitely have to give my nose a good blow.

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