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So I've been waiting for the guy I'm dating to sneeze for three months. Ocasionally he'll sniffle, from the cold weather we're having, and he has some kind of throat problem that leads to his ears needing to be popped alot which he does partially by holding his nose closed. But yesterday he finally sneezed and also rubbed his nose quite a bit, maybe he's catching a cold? :) *Tries not to look too excited* Gee, I sure hope not..... :blushing:

So we're laying on his bed in spoon position except he's leaning on his right arm and kissing down my neck. Then he pulls back and sniffles wetly. It was very hot and I was savoring the sound when suddenly he's wrenching himself back away from me and towards his right shoulder giving one hard fast sneeze into both hands. I pulled foward and was whipping my head around as fast as possible to see but I only got to see him with his hands cupped around his face afterwards. It sounded partially stifled kinda like "HP-FFFF*. It was strong but not loud or noisy, mostly a really loud exhalation of air. I totally missed the inhale dammit, too busy paying attention to his sniffle if only I had known what was coming next :D .

I've never been a fan of spray it always seemed kinda gross to me but I was wishing he'd gotten me last night because then I might not of felt like I'd missed it. He also had thought he'd gotten me in the spray and was apologizing profusely even after I'd told him he'd missed, if only he knew :blushing: . Anyway I hope I'll get to experience more sneezes from him soon.

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