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Self and crush... (oooh!)


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I have a new crush! And he's particularly sneezy, too (I liked him before I saw him sneeze, it's just a bonus!). We spent a lot of time together with some friends one evening, doing the usual things one does in a group, which is code for drinking and being loud and silly. I guess I should give a little discription: tall, late teens (older than me, anyway!), brown eyes, and sort of not quite blond not quite brown hair. Very nice smile, just sort of takes over his whole face. And he's a great guy (but I'm biased).

I think he may be the kind of guy who is particularly sneezy when he's drunk, cause he sneezed quite a few times! AND I WAS TOO DRUNK TO REMEMBER THEM PROPERLY. I do remember thinking "Mmm yummy" after one, and these two particular instances.

1) He sneezed into his shoulder (I think the poor guy was a bit worn out) and it left a wet mark on his hoodie (if I was sober enough I probably would have offered him tissues, or a hanky, cause he looked a bit miserable). :D

2) He sneezed and I blessed him and there was a little bit of sneeze related talk, him saying he was going to take an allergy pill (I think he took a few that evening) and discussion about how we should watch how much junk we pour into our bodies, me saying I was amazed I hadn't fallen over and died yet since my exams were over!

So that's him. Hopefully next time we hang out I'll hear a few more, because I can't remember the sound to describe it, it was quite masculine, but nice and not too sharp. Definetly a bit on the messy side for him though!

As for me, My workmates and I have decided there's a big dust problem in the office, cause since we got back we've all been suffering! One has constantly watery, itchy eyes, and I am sneezy as all heck! With warning too, and if I wasn't stiffling them you'd hear the build up. (I stiffle them as not to distract my workmates, who are usually doing sums and the like!)

Yeah. That's it!


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