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Just some random drabble involving our angry turtle!

For the Raph fans! :drool:

Title: Lecture

Rating: Safe 4 All

Summary: Leo's lecturing Raph, Raph's not paying attention

Disclaimer: Turtles belong to Mirage.

**a very brief refrence to my other fic Internal Struggle. I don't remember if I posted it here or not.

too lazy to check, so if it's not, let me know and I'll post it** :drool:


Here we go again. Leo was in “lecture mode” and Raph as usual, was on the other end of it. His older brother paced back and forth using familiar words like “hot headed” , “reckless”, and his personal favorite, “endangering the family”.

“Raph you can’t keep acting on your own. We’re a team, a family, and your unruly behavior doesn’t help anybody!” Leo faced his brother, arms spread out exasperatingly. He found it kind of odd that the turtle in red wasn’t retaliating. He just stood there leaning against the wall, eyes narrowed beneath his mask. Perhaps Raph was taking it all in for once. But little did the turtle in blue know, Raph was involved in a struggle. His beak began to itch the minuet Leo had begun his lecture. He’d be damned before displaying such weakness in front of his brother. The very last thing he needed was to be looked down upon by the “Fearless Leader”. he still remembered the way his brother glared at him when he interrupted their mediation the other day. He wasn’t going to give Leo that satisfaction again. Gritting his teeth, he tried to focus on eradicating the pesky tickle. If it weren’t for this urge to sneeze, he would’ve had some choice words to say about his “recklessness” and “endangering of the family”. Really, where did he get off ? But the unrelenting tickle was taking all his focus. His turn would have to wait.

“I know you care a lot about this family and will do anything to protect it.” Leo went on , “But don’t you think I, no we all feel that same way? You really need to stop shouldering the world’s problems Raph. Let us work together as a team. We are brothers after all, why not work together as one?”

What the shell was Leo babbling about? And how come Leo’s gaze softened? If only he could get this stupid tickle to go away. His beak was actually starting to burn from the intensity. It didn’t look like he’d win this one. And was Leo staring at him? Aw crud, what was the use? He wasn’t gonna win this battle. Why torture himself ? It’s just one sneeze. Drawing in a shaky breath, he lowered his guard and allowed the sneeze control. Unfortunately the universe was feeling quite cruel toward the turtle at the moment. Instead of the usual solitary sneeze, a fit arose in it’s place.

“ArShoo! HarShh! HahSHOO! AHSHeeh! Huh….HahChoo!” damn universe.

As Raph rubbed his beak, Leo stood momentarily stunned by what just took place. It all made sense now. He should’ve known his brother’s mind was elsewhere. Raphael was not the type to “take things in”.

Sighing wearily, he caught his brother’s eye, noting the glare. The turtle in blue smiled , shaking his head before walking away.

This did not bode well with Raph.

“Damn him, always so smug.” Raph grumbled. He was about to call after his brother for a fair share of words, when Master Splinter’s voice called for his sons training.

“You ani’t getting off that easy , Fearless One.” Raph muttered bitterly, heading off to the training room.


A/N: Just so you know, this will NOT continue. It's just a drabble. So sorry if it leads the TBC feel to it. :drool:

But you're free to let your imagination run wild with this one. :drool:

Hoped you liked it!

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  • 3 years later...

This story is AWESOME! The forum needs more stories with the turtles: excellent character depiction, too! :innocent:

Edited to remove quote of entire story.

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It's been such a long time since I've watched TMNT but Raph is still my favorite. thanks so much for making this. lol it made me smile. :D

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  • 2 months later...

O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my frikkin god!!!!! I think I love you now!!! I love Raph always have always will he's my absolute favorite out of them all!

In my mind I could hear him say after the sneeze "Sorry I must be allergic to lectures" hahahaha

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