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I've posted before about the boyfriend from the past with whom four months ago I've become reacquainted, and how the first time we visited each other, he had this massive sneezing fit that lasted five hours. I was in heaven, and it prompted me to seek out this forum.

Well, we spent the past 2 1/2 weeks together primarily alienating ourselves from the rest of the world, only going out to replenish the groceries. Before visiting each other, I had confessed my fetish over the telephone. When we finally met face to face, we did not talk about my fetish at all. However, he has been a very accommodating man, because his sensitivity to everything has increased.

Having never known him to be terribly sneezy when we dated before, I am now dating this horribly sneezy man, who inhales deeply, throws his head back, and sneezes the most luxurious sneezes.

So here's the deal. We slept in late, and each morning he awakened and blew his nose once or twice to clear his sinuses. And within a minute or two, even when I was still drowsy, I could hear him inhale deeply, AH, then within two seconds expel a CHOO. Each morning, I was awakened to him sneezing at least three times. One morning, I was wide awake watching C-Span, and he sneezed, AH CHOO, AH CHOO, AH CHOO, AH CHOO, AH CHOO, and the last AH CHOO with a high pitched CHOO ending the morning fit. He ends each sneeze or sneezing fit with blowing his nose, and keeps kleenex on the night stand for this purpose. During his fit, I couldn't do anything but rub his arm. After the fit, he turned to me and said, "I don't know why I'm sneezing so much. Am I sneezing so much?" Oh, greedy me, said, "no, not too much," to encourage him. Like, sneeze all day, why don't you :heart:.

We did go out once to the movie theater. He had sneezed about 7 or 8 times while we were dressing to go out. I thought for sure that once we got out into the winter air, he'd be fine. No, as soon as we got in the car and he started the engine, URG CHOO. He didn't even bother to raise his hand to cover it. Then once we got inside the movie theater, about five minutes into the feature film, I heard him and saw him out of the corner of my eye muffle a sneeze into a napkin. Afterwards, we went home to have dinner. After dinner, he sneezed three more times within 10 minutes or so, each time raising his hand to shield me from any potential spray. Once when he was sneezing, he wasn't so successful, and although I didn't get sprayed, I did feel air pass across my arm.

Another time we were watching the Iowa caucus results, and I heard him inhale and for some strange reason, he hit the bed twice with his right hand, I turned to make sure that he was alright, and why did I do that, because although he had raised his hand to shield me from any spray, I stopped his sneeze cold. But within a minute, when I heard him inhale deeply again, AH, I didn't turn, and I was rewarded with a high pitched CHOO.

Even when I was downstairs in the kitchen cooking, I could almost guarantee that I'd hear him sneeze. His sneezes are so loud when I'm not in the room with him, that I suspect he sneezes totally uncovered when no one is around. I yelled, "bless you," from the kitchen each time I heard him sneeze, but I'm unsure if he even heard me. I started to tell him on more than one occasion, that he had to hold his sneezes until I came back into the room :drool:.

Needless to say, although we didn't talk about my fetish, it was 20 days of nonstop sneezing, anywhere from 10 to 20 times per day. His sneezing was not so intense that he was uncomfortable, but pleasurable enough for me that hey, I'm not complaining. Non induced, all natural. Although I noticed that I can no longer wear perfume on my wrist because the first day we were together, I put on a perfume that he bought me right before we broke up. But when my hand got near his face, he turned his head and sneezed loudly, uncontrollably, and desperately, UH, CHOO. I apologized and told him that I was wearing the perfume that he had bought me. He told me not to worry about it. Okay, for his health, and suspecting that he really is developing allergies, I didn't put the perfume on my wrist. anymore. But this didn't stop me from dabbing some between my breasts. So, if he went there, oh well, you know exactly what happened to him. Such a naughty man. More than once when I was cuddling with him, he sneezed, and I could feel his entire body spasm.

The visit was very rewarding. And now when we talk on the phone, under the guise of being concerned about his health, I ask him, "are you sneezing a lot today?" And for the next minute, I'll get a replay of how many times he sneezed, how intense they were; and often during the conversation he'll blow his nose.

Oh, well, he's totally on to me, and I believe that he may be getting some pleasure from my fetish. But, hey, we are truly getting reacquainted in the best of ways.

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you're sooooooo lucky

Gotta ask, are his blows as awesome as his sneezes? Does he blow loud or quiet? So cute that he keeps kleenex on the bedside table though mmmmmmm



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His blows are not too loud, not too quiet, moderate, I suppose. But I must admit, they are not nearly as fantastic as yours :yes: .

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I posted it back in August, so I'll keep my response short. We broke up in 2006. After having not seen each other for one year or more, I visited him hoping to rekindle the relationship. After getting reacquainted, we cuddled to watch television, and he started sneezing doubles and triples. First he said that maybe it was because he had cleaned the house before I arrived and perhaps he was reacting to the cleaning products, maybe unscented ammonia. The kleenex were on the night stand on my side of the bed, so after he'd sneeze a double or triple, with deep inhales, and very manly CHOOS, I'd hand him a kleenex for him to blow his nose. At first I wasn't concerned, and I found myself enjoying his sneezes. Once between fits, we got reacquainted, but as soon as we began to settle down again, he started this sneezing fit once more. Even when he was trying to prepare tuna fish, because we hadn't eaten since he retrieved me from the airport, his nose was running, and I could hear him sneezing in the kitchen. I jokingly told him not to flavor my tuna with his snot :) . Anyway, after he ate the sneezing continued, and did not cease until he fell asleep from the sheer effort of sneezing and blowing his nose.

On reflection he was having, what one forum member told me is ,"honeymoon rhinitis." He's also been stressed lately, and is eating too much. I'm beginning to wonder if he's sneezing from overeating. I found a medical journal article that studied men in one family all of whom sneezed after consuming large meals. I have observed that my bf's sneezing becomes more frequent within ten minutes after he consumes a large meal.

Since my visit this past August, every time I visit him now, he's sneezy. He says that he's sneezy when I'm not around too. I don't recall him being terribly sneezy when we dated before. Once he laid down the telephone and had a fit of eleven sneezes in 10 seconds or so. But I teased him and told him he needed to dust more often. Nonetheless, it is his sneezing that caused me to seek out this forum.

Thanks for your interest.

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