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Small Measure of Compassion


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Title: Small Measure of Compassion

Fandom: House MD

Characters: House and Wilson

Disclaimer: The only thing that I came up with here is the story; I only wish I had created the characters

Summary: Wilson has a second doesn't go to well (or too far) and winds up back at House's.

"Huh-Reishh." James Wilson sneezed for the twentieth time since he had entered House's apartment. Gregory House looked over at his friend, trying not to smirk at the sheer patheticness of the scene. The younger doctor's eyes were rimmed red, watery and puffy, and a tissue was never far from his drippy nose; when he wasn't sneezing which was roughly every 30 seconds or so, he was wiping or blowing his nose. "Reihh-shuhh." Wilson's head bobbed forward with another sneeze.

Blowing his nose again, he plucked a fresh tissue from the box and dabbed at his eyes. Sniffling, he glanced over at House, who seemingly was making it a point to ignore his suffering. "Huhh-Rishh." He reached over for another tissue and came up empty. "Ho-" He paused to clear his throat. "House?

When the grizzled doctor turned to look at him, he finished the question. "Do you happed to have adother box of tissues sobewhere?" When House simply nodded, Wilson sighed, muffling another sneeze into a tissue. "Cad I have theb?"

House sighed. "If I get them for you, will you stop doing that?"

"Believe me, if I could, I would." Wilson mumbled, rubbing at his nose with the tissue. He shot House a grateful look when he returned bearing a fresh box of tissues before succumbing to a triple, then looking quizzically at the pills and glass of water that were thrust at him.

"Diphenhydramine." House explained. "And this Is your own fault, you know."

"Won't work." Wilson declined the drugs. "And how exactly is this My fault? Ehhrihhmppt."

House sighed. "You're the one who decided to have dinner with crazy cat lady sans Zyrtec. Take the pills; they could help."

"She wasn't a crazy cat lady. She was perfectly nice. And she only had 4 cats. Hehhptchushh."

"You could have asked about that beforehand. You know, when you were asking where she lived and what kind of dessert you could bring. Or brought it up on the first date. Or you could have assumed and taken your pill. I mean, come on, she looked like a cat person."

"What on ea...eahhrishh...earth is a cat person supposed to look like? And who discusses allergies on the first date? I mean, my first wife and I did, but that's because she kept apo...Uhhrihhshooo...apologizing for the fact that they were bothering her." Wilson sighed. "Just please, lay off; let me go to sleep."

"Take the pills, and I will."

Wilson sighed, swallowing the pink tablets. "It's not going to work. It's just going to make me sleepy." He blew his nose again.

"I thought that was what you wanted. Sleep. We'll go get your car in the morning." House set another blister packet of pills on the coffee table. "For when you wake up in 4-6 hours and need to be knocked out again."

Wilson nodded, muffling a fluffy of sneezes into the tissue before sliding down on the couch.

"I'm going to bed." House told him, draping a blanket over him. "You know where everything is."

Wilson nodded, taking a few tissues in his hands so he'd be at the ready before he rolled onto his side and closed his eyes as he heard House's uneven gait travel away from him towards the bedroom.

There might be more to this, but I'm not sure at this point...we'll see what the muses have in mind :bleh: But first, I must sleep.

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Squee! House!

I really love it when House is "forced" to take care of others (even though we all know he secretly loves it :yes: ) And as always, you write Wilson and House so well...

I bet you must be loving the new season, since it started off so Wilson and House-ish. (I miss Chase a little bit, though. :-P)

Thank you sooooooooo much! Fabulous!

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