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"I don't hate it" - (6 Parts)


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Hi! I've been fighting the urge to write something Chase related since Glowie's request, but Brigidmn promised to write one in the future. However, the bunnies won and finally here it is.....a very belated Christmas-fic with a miserable Chase if you don't mind. :wacko:

Title: "I don't hate it"

Fandom: House MD

Characters: Chase (House, Cameron, others)

Disclaimer: I don't own them! ...I just wish...

Summary: Chase wants an intimate Christmas Eve with Cameron for once, but what he gets is something entirely different.

Warning: English is not my mother tongue, if it counts as one. So please let me know if something is incorrect. I don't have a beta reader yet, but I tried my best. I hope it's OK.

Chase was waiting for Cameron before the ER thinking about how he could stop her from leaving him alone with an awful cold on Christmas Eve for the sake of a boring reunion with her family. To worsen his misery, Cuddy asked him to be on duty this Christmas, but what bothered him the most was that Cameron didn't ask him to join her. Sure, he was only her boyfriend, no strings attached, but still...deep inside he hoped that 'more' ment her, well, 'more'...introducing him to her parents would have been a nice start to prove that.

After 5 minutes Cameron appeared on the corridor, visibly tired, but even from a considerable distance, he saw some excitement in her eyes, thoughts about seeing her family lit up her face.

She frowned when she saw Chase muffling two rather harsh sneezes into his cupped hands.

''You OK?''

Chase looked up sniffling.

''I've told you already. I think I'm coming down with something.''

''Probably just a cold. You never dress warm enough.''

Chase gave her a look of sheer irritartion.

''Yeah. Probably...''

''Oh, don't pout! It's just a simple cold. Take some cold meds and stop whining.''

''Thanks for the tip.''

She went towards the refectory, Chase following her from a small distance.

''Where are we going?''


''I'm not hungry.'' He felt sick just from thinking about it.

Cameron stopped and looked back at him.

''I am. So are you coming or not?''

Chase followed her in defeat. He sat down somewhere in the corner pulling his labcoat tighter around his body.

''You want anything?'' she asked with a hint of concern.

Chase just shook his head, coughing into his fist pathetically.

''Fine. Be offended.''

Chase fixed his eyes at her back as she was standing in the line with her tray. He really felt awful, and she just ignored him completely. He buried his face in his hands and closed his eyes to get rid of the onset of a nasty headache. He looked up again when Cameron's brown tray landed on the table. She took a mug of hot tea and put it down in front of him with a small box of cold medicine.

''Take this.''

Chase looked surprised.

''Where did you get the pills?''

''From my bag. I thought you might need them.'' she offered him a small smile.

Chase swallowed one gratefully, holding the mug with both hands, trying to absorb some warmth from it.

''So...what's your problem?'' she asked finally.

''I'm sick.''

''That's not what I ment.''

Chase shrugged, looking down at his mug, trying to avoid eye contact with her.

''I just thought we could spend Christmas Eve together...that's all...''

He looked so pitiful with that disappointed expression on his face that she decided to act a bit nicer.

''Chase...you know that I can't call it off. My parents go nuts if I don't turn up there tonight.''

''Yeah. I know...I just thought that...maybe...yohh-youhhh....Hegh-Eishoo..Eishoo..Heigh-Ashoo..ah..sorry!'' he flushed, taking a fresh tissue from the packet of his labcoat. He turned to face the wall and blew his nose as quietly as he could.

''Bless you.''


''So you thought what exactly?''

''That you like me just a little.''

''Of course I do. What's the matter with you? It's just an evening...there's nothing special about it and we've already talked this over.''

''It's CHRISTMAS Eve!''

''Yeah, it has a name...and then what? I thought you hate Christmas.''

Chase's eyes looked watery, but she was unsure whether it was due to his cold or to the display of emotions.

''And I thought you love it.......I don't hate it.''

''That's not what you've been saying for 3 years. It's the same as every eve, you said it yourself. I hate it since that 3 years with House and life with big L ruined all my childish fancy about an intimate celebration, but to my parents it's important.''

''And what if it is important to me? To be with you... What if I didn't want to be alone on that particular eve after 10 something years for a cha....Eigh-choo..c change?''

''Awww, Chase, don't be such a baby! Look, I'm sorry, but I cannot call it off.''

Chase turned his head away from her. She didn't get it and he didn't want to explain it.

Cameron watched him for a minute or so then stood up, indicating that it was time for her to leave.

''I have to go get ready. I'll be back tomorrow and we will celebrate our own Christmas that night, I promise. I'll even buy a tree if it's so important to you.'' She leaned forward and brushed his blond bangs away from his face forcing him to look up at her. ''Try to get better. Take the pills, drink tea... and...Merry Christmas! I'll call you.'' she kissed his forehead gently.

''Merry Christmas to you too! See you tomorrow.'' he forced himself to give her a small smile before she left hurriedly, waving him 'bye' from the doorway with an apologetic smile on her cute face.


(If you want me to, of course :cold3: )

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OOooooh, this is just great!!!!!!!! I love Chase!

Don't worry about your English, it is just lovely and you captured everything perfect.

You have a good grasp of the characters, too...that is totally something Cameron would do.

Thank you so much! I am eager for the next installment.


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Of course I want you to continue.

Chase torture is always welcome (and he's always so willing to be written about too) :(

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Thank you so much for the nice comments! :) I'm glad you like it :(

And of course there's more coming :(

Here's the next part. :(

Part 2.

Two hours have passed after Cameron left and Chase had a surgery scheduled. He stood outside the operating room, wearing his scrubs, preparing. He took a tissue and blew his nose good, looking around suspiciously to avoid anyone seeing him. When he finished he threw it into the large trash can and stepped to the washbasin, picking up the anti-bacterial soap from the shelf. As the day progressed he felt worse with every minute. While washing his hands, he felt an irritating tickle building up in his congested nose. He tried to make it go away by sniffling and wriggling his nose, since he couldn't rub it on his scrubs for obvious reasons, and he couldn't use his hands for even more obvious reasons, otherwise he had to start everything all over again. The smell of that soap didn't ease his struggle and he gasped helplessly, still praying for the tickle to go away.

''hhh..uhhh...aww..hhhee...ah'' he shook his head, grateful he didn't sneeze, when the torture started again, and in a few seconds it grew so unbearable that he lifted his right hand automatically closer to his face. His lashes fluttered over his watering blue-green eyes and his full lips trembled slightly.

''eee...eehhhh...huh'' but now it was stuck and his nose was running uncontrollably so there was no reason any longer to save his freshly washed hands from the inevitable. He scrubbed at his nose which made the tickle return with such an unexpected force, that it made him bend forward clapping his hands over his nose and mouth, trying desperately to save his scrubs from getting infected.

'' HHEiiugh-Choo...Hegn-Eitchoo...Atschoo....Itchoo...Hegnixtchoo...hiiii.Itchoo''

They came out much louder than he wanted them to. He shivered after the last one and took a tissue from the box he left on the counter just in case.

''Dr. Chase?''

He turned to see a nurse in her mid 40s standing in front of him watching with critical eyes. They knew each other quite well, working together every day of the week.

''Bless you'' she sounded very surprised, but laughed quietly at the young man's distress. ''...now I think you should start...'' she stopped mid sentence when another set of wet sneezes interrupted her.


She stopped laughing, moreover, her face took on the most serious look possible.

''Dr. Chase?...is everything alright?''

''I'b find Nora...I'b fi..Hegh-Nxch''

Suddenly he felt dizzy and grabbed the edge of the grey metal counter to support himself. Something was definitely not fine, so the woman stepped closer and put a hand on Chase's forehead, more in a motherly fashion, frowning immediately.

''God! Dr. Chase, you're burning up. You can't perform the surgery like this! Stay here, I'm getting Dr. Peterson to jump in for you immediately! Let's pray he's still in...'' she rolled her eyes ''you should have told me you're not feeling well!''

She rushed to the phone and he just stood there sick and worried, wanting to sink into the ground. People came and went, but he was unable to pay attention. A few minutes later Nora returned, announcing that lucky for him, Dr. Peterson is coming, and that he could have caused some serious problems to the hospital. She grabbed him by the arm and led him out into the dressing room.

''Are you listening?''

Chase shook his head trying to focus.

''Yeah, yeah. I'm terribly sorry Nora. I thought it's just a simple cold...I''

''With a fever this high? You should go and get yourself checked up. And next time...I'm not going to screen you.'' she gave him a serious look before going back to correct his mistake.

Chase sat down on the cold metal bench, happy he was left alone, and got undressed, shivering as the cool air touched his skin. He felt another sneezing fit coming and stood up helplessly, wearing nothing but his boxers and socks, grabbing a tissue and pressing it under his pinkening nose.

''Hee..heh.heh.HeMphchoo...Heigh-Uchoo..He-ha-Heigh-Echoo..ahhh.HeiUchoo...heh..yay.HeeeEchooo.'' He sighed and sniffled congestedly, blowing his nose a few times.

Every muscle hurt and it was a real struggle to get into his pants, to button his blue shirt and slip into his shoes. Maybe Nora was right and it was more than just a simple cold and he better go upstairs to get checked up.


(Spoiler: maybe House will appear on the front in the next part :( )

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I'm sooooooo happy that you guys like this story! ^_^

Here's the next part...in which House makes a small appearance at the end, only to return full force in part 4. :mellow: (which is in construction, so in case you have any special requests as for how to torture our favourite blond doctor in the future, with other words, what you would like to read, you're encouraged to tell me ;) )

BTW...Not that I wasn't evil enough :twisted:

Part 3

The doctor sent Chase home saying he has the flu and staying around patients is out of the question. He was crossing the lobby when the realisation hit him: he is supposed to be on duty tonight. This can't get any better, he thought. He must find someone who is willing to wear his beeper for the night. For his luck, he spotted Foreman reading a newspaper in a wine-red leather armchair.

''Hi, Foreman!''

He didn't look up when from the voice it became obvious that it was Chase.

''What do you want? I'm not into betting, thanks.''

''No, I...it's not about that.'' he broke into a series of nasty coughs wincing at the pain in his chest.

This time, Foreman looked up from the paper.

''What's wrong with you?''

''I happened to catch the flu and now I'm looking for someone who is willing to wear my beeper for the night. I'm on duty.''

''I have something planned, sorry.''

''Oh...Foreman, please! I won't ask you, but I'm feeling like crap.''

''I'm sure some of your patients did with weight issues, but guess what, you refused to help.''

Chase stared at him with remorse building up in his chest. He didn't mean that, he just...he had an explanation, but what would it matter to Foreman. Then he thought he couldn't explain his behaviour with anything but self pity, and no matter what his reasons where behind his actions, he had no right to be a jerk.

''It's exactly for the patients' sake.''

''I'm not on the surgical stuff you know.''

''It's general stuff. If anything happens and they need someone extra in here... Cuddy asked me...there aren't enough doctors, everybody took his day off...it's Christmas.''

''And where's your girlfriend by the way?''

''Cameron went to celebrate with her parents.''

''You see...even she doesn't like you...''

It felt like a slap in the face, but he tried to swallow his hurt.

''You don't have to like me...I can't treat patients when I'm sick with the flu.''

''Obviously not. Go divide your duty with House...50-50. I'm sure he has no plans for Christmas, you belong together.''

''I'm not the one who belongs with him...''

''Yeah, you're just jealous that I do. Go, find someone else to help you out.''

Chase was angry, hurt and bitter at the same time. He was about to humble himself and ask Foreman again, when he suddenly turned aside and sneezed into a tissue.


''And I don't wanna catch your germs either.''

Chase sniffled and hang his head down. He was used to being treated like crap, but right now, he was really on the verge of crying, though he didn't want to give Foreman the pleasure to see that. He left without saying a word.

Wilson've hardly entered the restroom, holding his messenger bag in one hand and humming a Christmas carol, when he spotted Chase sitting on the blue couch covered in his labcoat with his head burried in his hands. He went closer.

''Chase? You OK?''

After a second Chase removed his hands and looked at Wilson, revealing his pale face, bloodshot eyes, pink cheeks and pink nostril.

''You're sick...'' he exclaimed.

Chase nodded, coughing weakly before explaining.

''It's the flu. You better stay away from me if you don't want to catch it.''

''You should be home, resting. What are you doing here? It's nearly 19:15.'' he said after a quick glance at his watch.

''I don't feel like driving.''

''Where's Cameron?''

''She celebrates with her parents.''

''I see...You want me to call a taxi?''

''I already did...Aigh-Echoo...Hegh-Eschoo..he..ah'' the last one was stuck and he rubbed at his nose with a tissue.

''Oh, bless you. But...but you're still here.'' he didn't know how else to emphasise the contradiction.

Chase sighed before answering.

''I was sick twice...I didn't risk to get into that taxi...besides, I'm on duty tonight and nobody was willing to wear my beeper.''

Wilson nodded sympathetically.

''Why didn't you tell Cuddy?''

''I...I didn't want to anger her.''

''Anger her?'' Wilson scoffed, but he realised that Chase must be referring to House on a subconscious level. ''She's the one who saves House's sorry ass whenever he commits something incredibly stupid...you seriously think she would be angry with you because you happened to catch the flu? You couldn't help that.''

''Hegh-EiTchoo..Hegh-Nxch..Nigxtchoo...I'b not House.''

''Bless. No, Cuddy's not House. But you know what? Give me. I'm going to talk to her about this beeper once I'm there to talk about something else. She'll find someone, don't worry. If not, then I'm going to be in the near if something happens...which I doubt. Either way, your only task is to stay in bed.''

''Really? I didn't want to...''

''It's okey. Just take your time, call a taxi and get better Chase!''

Chase nodded with a hardly visible smile on his face.

''Thank you. Merry Christmas Wilson!''

''You're welcome! And I'm Jewish, hell knows why I'm humming Christmas carols...Anyway, Merry Christmas to you too!'' he said laughing kindly.

Wilson, instead of going straight to Cuddy, stopped by House's office. He had an idea. He was worried about House after his solitude induced encounter with a bottle of pain medicine last Christmas and felt sorry for Chase...and it seemed like those two could save each other this year without him having to do any favours instead of enjoying his date for once.

''Scrooge! Santa needs you!''

''Busy this Christmas''

Wilson came closer.

''Do you remember a blond guy with a strange accent?''


''A very sick and miserable Chase would be more precise.''

''You mean in OUR restroom? Not the low quality surgical staff restroom?''

''In the one with the big blue couch and the hightech TV, yeah.''

''What the hell is he doing there? I fired him.''

''He's sick, I bet he's running a high fever too. He can't drive and nobody is there to take him home.''

''But why my restroom? And why me?''

''No idea. Look, I have no car. Hotel's in the near, and I have plans for tonight. You on the other hand...''

''And where the hell's Cameron?''

''Celebrating with her parents.''

''Not with Chase?...Now that's interesting!'' he gathered his stuff and limped towards the glassdoor.

''So can you give him a ride home or not?''

''To let him throw up in my car? No way!''

''How do you know it's the flu?''

''I heared him and Foreman talk in the lobby. That Foreman's a selfish bastard...''

''House! It's Christmas! And with Cameron away he has no one to take care of him.''

''Selfish bitch! I hate Christmas! And he can take care of himself'' he said putting a candy stick in his mouth.

''You certainly didn't throw me out last time when you were in need, sitting alone on your miserable ass on Christmas Eve. These things could actually feel good sometimes House.''

''You want me to babysit him? Forget it! I'm not his daddy, not his friend and most definitely not his boss.''

''I want you to give him a ride home, possibly say a few nice words. He likes you. He was longing for your approval, did you know that? At least that's how it appeared to me.''

''I fired him.''

''Exactly my point.''

House smirked and shook his head.

''Night Wilson.''

House limped to the corridor leaving Wilson behind, who shouted after him on a funny tone:

''There might be some crying! He looked quite under the weather....''


(tma gave me some ideas with mentioning that father/son-ish vibe between House and Chase...so I decided to play with that in the next part :) we'll see how it goes.. ;) )

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Hi! Sorry for the hiatus, but I had to pass my exams (they're important, I couldn't live without them :hug: :whistling: ). Anyway, now I'm back and I hope you gonna enjoy the next. :boom:

/I wrote it in a hurry, so sorry if I made mistakes. :ninjalurking: /

Part 4

House had to pass the restroom on his way out every day, and well, there was nothing annoying about that routine...until now. He was painfully curious, but closing his eyes and ignoring Wilson's words in his head he continued on his track. He reached the elevator but his fingers stopped before pushing the botton. Wilson had plans, his parents didn't call yet, no case, nobody waiting for him, so yeah, he was bored as hell...but that wasn't it. He was the kind of man, who needed to be needed, or the one others always had to care about. It was all about him and this Christmas he sabotaged himself. It seemed like he played all his cards last year...unless...

He pushed in the restroom door without any warning, it was half open anyway. Much to his surprise, Chase was still there. His ex-duckling was sitting on the coach hunched over, flushed, exhausted and possibly wiping off a tear from his left eye. It wasn't obvious though, but House knew him well enough by now to tell.

''I've already fired you!''

Chase looked up at him through his glossy blue-green eyes, rubbing at his nose quickly with his index finger. A closer glance was enough for House to note the blond was really sick and Wilson didn't exaggerate the situation.

''And I just need a random reminder once in a while.'' His voice sounded very harsh and congested.

''Why're you here?''

''Wha..what do you think?'' he struggeled between coughs.

''You should be dying in the surgical staff restroom on the ground floor...unless...''


''Unless you wanted me to know you're sick.''

Chase looked surprised. He had no idea at the moment what he wanted or what House ment for that matter. He just needed to go home, curl up on his bed and get lost in the grateful process of self-pitying.

''In that case it's a success...now you know.''

House hesitated before asking:

''Where the hell's Cameron?'' not that he didn't know.

Chase tensed at hearing her name. ''With her parents.'' came the bitter answer. Perhaps more bitter than intended because it softened House's tone a bit.

''Did you call a taxi?''

''Yes, I..''

''Then why are you here?''

''Do I really need to explain? Just leave me alone.'' it sounded more like a plead followed by a fit of harsh coughs and House didn't push it. Chase racked himself back and forth on the coach, he was obviously feeling like crap, and judging from the cold sweat on his pale face, it seemed like he had a high fever indeed, and before House could think his following sentence over it was out of his mouth:

''Damn, you look awful. Did you get a priscription?''

Chase nodded.

''And did you get the pills?''

He wanted to respond, but had to sneeze. Scared, he captured his nose between his fingers and prepared to stifle them completely. For some reason he felt extreamly embarrassed about sneezing in House's presence. He turned somewhat to the side mumbling an apology as always when House was in the room.

''Hehh.Pardon..Heh.HeiUgnxxcht..Heimptch..Hexcht...Chmpt'' His eyes filled with tears due to the effort. Stifling wasn't a good idea after all, it hurt his sensitive nose and now he felt much more congested.

House laughed in amusement, seeing the young man's struggle and embarrassement.

''I've almost forgotten how funny you are.'' And that was the truth indeed, he kind of missed Chase with all his annoying habits, ugly ties, funny faces and even with his ridiculous stifled sneezes..he knew him by heart...


''You don't have to do that.''

''Do whad?''

''Pretending you're not sneezing just experimenting how long you can hold your breath when I'm in the room. It has that awkward, silly sound...just...do it like a man Chase...'' he didn't finish his thought when he noticed that Chase's face had that far away look again.

''Hegh-Eitchoo...Atchoo..EEEitchoo...Hegh-Ushoo...Hei-He-HeigUshoo..aww..'' he groaned.

''Now that's what I'm talking about.'' Chase's cheeks turned a darker shade of red to that comment, but House ignored him and returned to the topic.

''And did you get the pills?''

Chase shook his head while blowing his nose..House scoffed.

''I thought so. No one's that stupid...give me the script!''

Chase, astonished, pointed at his messenger bag sitting next to him on the coach, his right hand still pressing the tissue under his nose. House got it.

''Sit on your ass!'' He ordered and left, swinging Chase's prescription in his hand leisurely.

Chase felt an unexplainable and familiar calmness now that House was there. He wouldn't admit it to Cameron, but he desperately missed his fellowship, the differentials, the coffe mugs, the dry humor, the clinic patients, the whiteboard, that feeling of belonging somewhere. He rested his aching head on the back of the coach and closed his eyes. House was right. He wanted him to know he was sick. Because other than Cameron and his admittedly misantrop and germophobe ex-boss, he hardly had anyone and it was Christmas and he needed, no, wanted a familiar face or voice or anything. He knew he was being pathetic, but he just couldn't help it. He was angry with Cameron, but again, he couldn't blame her...maybe it was his fault after all that she rather chose her family over his company.


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im sooo sorry i havent commented on the parts in the middle, OMG!!! this is sooo good! i just :hug: House...he's such a cute grouch!

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Every time I'm over an exam period I feel completely useless for a week or so...thus I did nothing today and then I was like "hey! You have all the time on earth to write some more...use it!'' And here is the result...with more House-Chase interaction :) I hope you like it. :nonono: I'm a bit hard on poor Chase, but I can't help it :notworthy::nonono: Oh, and thank you so much for the nice comments again!!! :(

Part 5

When House came back he was holding a paper bag stuffed with medicine, at least it definitely contained more than just his antibiotics, as it appeared to Chase once he opened his eyes. He put it down and looked at Chase, scrutinizing him. Chase returned the stare with some unintentional hope in his eyes, and that moment House's face...it was almost...like he cared, like on that picture Emma, the photographer, captured. He took out a thermometer from the bag and sat down next to Chase, who tried to protest politely when he realised what's going to happen, but his moves were somewhat perplexed and in truth he was grateful that someone noticed him at least.

''I'm contagious...you might...might.Heh..heh'' he didn't want to sneeze with House sitting next to him, so he tried desperately to hold it back, failing miserably. ''Hegh-Ixch...Hegh-Exch...Nxchoo..HeItch..'' he half-stifeled them tiredly against his forearm, forgetting about the lecture House just gave him.

House was waiting for him to look up sheepishly. He noticed earlier that Chase was depressed and distracted and wanted to take his temp before sending him home with a taxi in the company of his antibiotics, perhps in a more forceful manner than Wilson. In no way was he about to take the guy home himself, as Wilson asked.

''I had the flu shot you idiot!.... I'm going to take your temp. Don't sneeze!''

He roughly put Chase's bangs aside, which covered his ear, and inserted the thermometer. Chase tensed awkwardly at the presence of House's hand on the side of his head, but didn't move, in fact, the touch felt good and comforting and he found himself leaning into it. He was sure House noticed, but he didn't care. Seconds later it beeped.

House took his hand away and his face screwed into a worried expression. Chase knew the result made him concerned and it filled him with some odd satisfaction. He found himself longing for attention, like he was a small kid again, and no matter how much he hated being sick, what the thermometer hopefully showed House was a tool in his hand to somehow enforce that attention. Sometimes he used this weapon back then, to make his parents care more. Sickness made him special for a short time and he enjoyed his mom's and dad's attention, as long as it lasted, that is. But it worked for sure, and he wanted to believe that it is going to do the work this time as well. And much to his surprise, his 'lost puppy'-look had an effect on House.

''103,9..... Anybody at home?'' it was rather obvious and not something he would ask anyway.

''Cameron's with her parents...''

''Yeah, we know..Anyone else..?''

Chase shook his head sadly. House realised he shouldn't ever had to enter the restroom today, now he was stuck with the problem called Chase. He cannot leave him like this. When he became aware of the situation and his role as PPTH's secret 'Santa', he got up angrily to get a cup from Wilson's private kit. He poured some water into it, then gave it to Chase with his antibiotics and an Ibuprofen.

''These should take your temp down a bit. Get dressed. You're going home. Now.''

He waited for Chase to swallow and watched as he struggled with his coat and cursed when he dropped it.

''God! What are you? 6?''

He hesitated before actually helping him with his coat. Grumbling, he took Chase's bag too, throwing it over his shoulder before putting the paper bag with the medicines into his own backpack and grabbing the blond's arm by his elbow, guiding him towards the parking lot. A wave of dizziness took over Chase and he found himself leaning towars House the whole time, who was already struggling with his cane and the two bags.

The lobby was still busy with people who were forced to stay the night, drinking and talking around the big Christmas tree. Some of them waved or nodded towards Chase, but he didn't bother to greet back. As they passed the reception, he heared House's annoyed voice saying:

''Dr. House and...Dr. Idiot here are checking out...''

Snow was falling heavily outside and it was bitterly cold. Thus, when they finally reached the car Chase was trembling like a leaf , his dishevelled blond hair was covered with white snowflakes. The cold and the wind were getting to him and he stopped behind the car sneezing a wet double into his cupped hands.


House quickly opened the door and literally pushed Chase onto the passenger seat.

''Get in!''

When Chase was inside, he shut the door and went to the other side of the car. He throw the bags and his cane at the backseat and started the engine.

''Huh-Eitchoo...Heeetchoo...Hegnxchoo...Huh.Atchoo...Heimptcho..awww'' he was so tired of sneezing.

''Bless you........cold?''

Chase nodded. This was the first time House blessed him today and he was wondering how many times someone has to sneeze in his presence to get this honour. Maybe it ment something on House's code dialect, but he just didn't know what...

House heared Chase was busy sniffling continuously, and he couldn't take it any longer. He handed him a tissue from his packet and turned the heating on.

''Blow your nose for God's sake!... Where to?'' there was no response and a minute later when he looked to the side to emphasize the question, Chase's eyes were alrady half-closed and he only mumbled something which wasn't really an answer.


House laughed.

''Yeah. That makes sense.''

They hardly left the hospital when Chase felt asleep on the passenger seat moaning in his discomfort. House frowned and decided to do exactly what he wanted to avoid. Maybe he was getting older...or was he really that bored? Getting some extra medicine for Chase was a telling sign of that, he just tried to ignore it.

''OK. So my place it is....Damn, I hate Christmas...'' he said it out loud, not that anyone listened and turned back on the next street.


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Oh, my goodness! Evelyn, this is beautiful!

My heart actually swelled up when I read it.

I really liked " ''Dr. House and...Dr. Idiot here are checking out...'' That's adorable.

And Chase wondering about how many sneezes it takes to get House to bless someone...Priceless!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!

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omg...YAY!!! more of House!!! (and Chase's absolutely yummy sneezy wrongness) i just love how House is so begrudgingly taking care of him...this is just great! please keep it up!!

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*is giddy with happiness*

I was so hoping you would update while I was away for the last two weeks. What a great Valentine's gift a sneezy Chase is. B)

Thanks so much, can't wait to read more. That House... he'll just never admit that he cares, will he? Lol.

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Once the exam period is over, there's always the next semester and fun becomes a limited phenomenon again (I guess I don't need to explain :D ) Though, today I managed to write some more, I hope you like it. :flowers: And if you want something specific to happen in the next chapter tell me! Inspiration always speeds up the process. :D

Part 6

When the engine stopped Chase opened his eyes slightly.

''Wakey, wakey.''

He looked out the window, but didn't recognise the place. Maybe he wouldn't recognise it even if they were right before his apartment, he thought, through the snow storm and his hazy mind. But House expected an answer, a reaction, whatever and he had to speak, though his throat hurt like hell.

''It...it's not my flat...where did you take me?''

His voice was sleepy and husky, and his mind proved itself unable to put a lucid sentence together. It sounded almost like a complaint, though it really didn't matter where they were, and telling House to take him 'home' was hardly a clear cut, he knew. Almost like expecting him to be familiar with the exact adress of all his ex-employees...maybe he was though, with House it's always hard to tell.

''Camping. We gonna make a fireplace in the middle of my living room and tell Indian stories...Now move!''

''But...you want me to...?''

He got it. The 'MY living room' part ringed the bell. House really...well..took him 'home'.

''Oh, you little minx!''

''I ment...''

''I know what you ment. I just didn't want Wilson or whoever to be busy with your beeper tonight after you collapsed at home.''

''But...I don't want to be a..ah.Eitchoo..Hexchoo..a burden to anyone.''

Yes, he wanted to, he just couldn't say that out loud.

''You're a burden already, start acting like one and get out of the car.''

Chase didn't know what to do. Aside from the single occasion when they broke into House's apartment, he has never been invited or allowed to step in, and now he was more tempted by the vision of curling up on House's bed, getting warm and sleeping endlessly than doing Cameron on the very same piece of furniture...that was a bad joke anyway. This was House's private life, which he admittedly had non in theory, and he only shared it with his rare friends, like Wilson...but he?...he was not a friend. He was an unvanted company even at work, the target of his never ending joking. He wanted to believe House likes him despite the telling signs, but after he fired him, he seriously doubted these naiv desires, however, he couldn't help hoping, like in case of his parents or Cameron, for that matter.

He turned his head away from House like a pissed off child, even though he didn't know why the hell he was 'pissed off' to begin with, and pressed it against the cold humid glass, hoping that doing nothing will solve the situation, that House'll get angry and throw him out at his own place or something. As much as he wanted company, he was afraid of House.

House suspected the problem and got out releasing an annoyed sigh, took the bags, his cane and limped to the other side of the car. Seconds later he opened the door at Chase's side, causing the blond to jump away from the window in scare.

''You want to freeze? Because I'm not going anywhere hence the car's not going...''

Chase didn't look at him right away. The icy wind suddenly blowing big snowflakes into his face through the open door tickled his nose. He cupped his hands before his face embarrassed.


He sniffled rubbing at his nose with the crumpled tissue he got from House earlier. He gazed at his hands in a pointlessly, almost forgetting where he was.

''Chase...'' a hand touched his shoulder. ''Come on!''

House's voice was softer than usual. It surprised him and while the effect lasted he slowly dragged his stiff body out of the car and followed him into the apartment, pulling his black coat as tight around his body as possible until they reached the door. He slipped out of his shoes by habit. House ordered him to sit on the coach, and he sat, but didn't take off the coat, like someone who is not planning to stay. God, he felt so chilly. House arrenged a few things in the kitchen before returning his attention to Chase.

''What's up with the coat?''

''I'm cold.''

''That's not because I'm not heating. Take it off!''

The funny thing about Chase was that most of the time he tried to play the kick ass cool guy, which was hilarious in itself with his looks, while in situations like this he acted like a baby.

House hesitated for a moment then went to search for the thermometer in his bag which he 'borrowed' form the hospital for this special occasion. He stood next to Chase and repeated the routine.

''104...we need to reduce your fever.''

'We', this sounded like an odd family moment. Damn, what was the matter with him?

Without thinking, he limped into the bathroom and opened the tap above the bathtub then grabbed a small towel and wetted it under the cold running water.

Chase pouted when he heared the unmistakable sound of dropping water, slowly filling the bathtub. He realised what House must be up to.

''I don't need a.HeighMpchoo..Heixchoo.''

''Yes you do.'' and in a rather awkward manner House pushed the cold cloth to his forehead ''keep there until then.''

Until what? However, he did as told, sniffling and pressing the towel to his brow. Now he was warm as hell, like sitting in a sauna after taking a plunge into the icy river, Russian manner, in the middle of December.

House wanted to tell Chase something to ease the awkward silence about his nose being ridiculously red alrady when the phone rang. He grumbled but picked it up...


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*jumps around with glee* (even though I just ran 10km!)

You know how I love it when you update this story. :D:D

I wonder who's on the phone? As for "next chapter" requests, you know what I like: more miserable sneezy Chase and House trying to mask his concern and caring... pretty much what you're already doing, lol.

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YAY! I am so happy you updated! I love this story. :D

I really loved this line:

''You're a burden already, start acting like one and get out of the car.''

It was House-perfect!

I can't wait till the next section! Thank you so much!!!

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Hi, I was just thinking about this story earlier today and was wondering if you had plans to carry on with it? No pressure at all, just wondering cause I really like it (of course! lol). :winkkiss:

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how did i miss this update before? :cry: such a yummy House, being a wonderful bastard!!! :twisted: just lovely!!!

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