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The games (female, allergies) - (5 Parts)


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Not enough female sneezing, not enough allergies... but then again, I could never get enough of those... rolleyes.gif


Anna's nose is still swollen from all sneezing she did yesterday. She's sitting on the grandstand among a few other mothers and fathers to the girls in the football team, gently touching the tip of her poor nose with her fingers. A persistent tickle has settled in the back of her right nostril, but she tries not to think about it. Of course her nose would tickle, there's a lot of grass here as well. She wishes for rain, to be inside, not to be allergic. Suddenly the tickle overwhelms her and she's not even able to recognize the sneezy sensation before it's upon her, forcing its way out of her nose.


She's sitting absolutely still with her teary eyes closed, mouth half-open, waiting for the sneeze to return, she's never gotten off this easy before, and sure enough… the tickle recovers, spreading…she gasps for air and sneezes again:


She rubs her nose fiercely with her index finger and sniffs wetly. The light tickle has moved on to something much worse; an intense, almost painful itch, but she forces herself to take her hand away from her nose in order not to encourage it. It's no use. She sneezes again, a powerful double that makes her whole body rock.

"Huh-isssshhuh! Huh-ESSShhoo!"

It's not until now she sees the dog lying on the feet of the woman next to her. Normally, she would have to have patted the dog to get an allergic reaction, but since her nose already is affected… well, what can you do? She holds her hand in front of her nose and mouth as she lets out another sneeze, much wetter and forceful then the previous ones.


The woman next to her turns her head and looks at her.

"Bless you. That's some cold you've got."

"Thags, but it's do cold. I am aaahh… ahh…llergic… Huhh-AH-ISSCHOOO!"

The woman smiles, not realizing what Anna doesn't say, which is that it's the dog that's causing her sneezing fit. Instead she pats the dog, stirring up a lot of fur and dander into the air.

"I see, well this is the worst season for allergies, isn't it?"

Anna is staring at the allergens, slowly floating towards her in the still summer air, she's paralyzed with fear and anxiety. She wants to back off, run away, but she managed to return the smile. Her nose twitches and she's rubbing it desperately to make the itch go away. She tries to get hold of her tissues and stifles the next sneeze while searching into her purse.


She buries her nose into a whole bunch of tissues. Just then the fur from the dog flies by her face and the very look of it makes her face scrunch up, her eyes blinking in despair, and then she sneezes again, into the tissues.

"HUH-mmphh! Hh-mpsschoo!"

Then she blows her nose vigorously, hoping it would sooth the itch. Hopefully it can calm her irritated nose down a little. When she takes the tissue away from her face, very reluctantly, she realizes that it hasn't done anything to calm it down, it's itching more than ever.

"Bless you!"

The woman with the dog says again and keeps patting the damned animal! Anna wants to yell at her to stop, but she's desperately trying not to sneeze again. An allergic tear slowly runs down her cheek and she wipes it away with the backside of her hand before she continues to rub her nose franticly, trying to keep the sneeze attack inside but not succeeding very well.

"Oh by God… huhhh…. Hhh-huh-issshhhuh!... I need to… sdeeze agaiihhhh… huh…

HAH-issschuuh!... again!"

Rubbing her nose only makes matters worse, still she tries in vain to rub her knuckles under her tortured nostrils in between the sneezes, but she has to surrender. The allergy is stronger than she is. The tissues lie forgotten in her right hand while the left furiously tries to catch the wet sneezes, but to no use.

"HNNKGHH! HNKXXH! I'b so sorry… huhh-SSSCHHHuh! I think it's your d-dog… huhh… hah-ehhsssshhew! That bakes be… huh… s… sneeze-hh-ESSSCHHUH!"

Explosion after explosion wets the air in front of her with tiny droplets, like the spray from an ocean in storm. She sneezes and sneezes without getting any relief; it's just as if her sinuses just waited for a reason to explode completely. She knows she has to get away from the dog, away from the field of grass and the pollen from the trees around the platform, but right now she can't move at all. She's trapped by her own sneezing.

"Oh Lord", she thinks as she continues sneezing, "please have mercy, I won't survive another day with these sneeze attacks!"


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Here you go. A sequel to the sequel "The games". Poor Anna, her nose is always giving her so much trouble. :rolleyes:

Heart is kind, nose is allergic

“Mom, I know you’re allergic but I won’t keep him for long, just until he’s OK and I find someone else to take care of him but please, please, please, can I keep him for a while?!”

Helen held a tiny kitten in her arms. It was one of those “summer cats”, and it was skinny and hurt, Anna could see the wound on the cat’s forehead, clotted but in need of care. She knew she was going to regret this, but the poor creature looked at her with those big green eyes that seemed to be begging… Anna’s own eyes were already starting to itch, but she swallowed and replied:

“OK, yes. But only until he’s OK and you find someone to take him in.”

“Thanks mom!”

She said and walked quickly towards her mother, still with the cat in her arms. Anna backed off, holding up one hand.

“No hugs, honey!”

Helen stopped in the middle of a movement, blushing.



Half an hour later, Anna had been into town and gotten some cat food and stuff. Just as she was going back, she hurried into a drugstore and bought a lot of medication and Kleenex. The man behind the counter, who knew her a bit, raised his eyebrows.

“I thought the pollen season was almost over now?”

“It is, but we just got a cat”.

“A cat?! You must be out of your mind! You’re in for some serious sneezing, do you realize that?”

Anna sighed and held up the box of Kleenex.

“I do. Believe me, I do.”


“Now, let’s take a look on that wound”

Anna said. She had prepared herself with Claritin and nose-spray before going home, but she could feel the allergic itch starting to take hold of her nose as she came close to the cat.

“I can do that”

Helen said, but doubtfully. She was afraid of blood, almost fainting at the sight of it, and Anna knew it.

“No, I’ll… huhh… huh-issschuh! Take care of it, hon. If you hold him, so I can get a… aaahhh-tssshuhhh! God! Get a good look”.

She rubbed her nose and sniffed. That wasn’t such a bright idea, she realized as she could feel the allergens find their way up her sensitive nose as she sniffed. Stupid. She rubbed her nose again, with the back of her hand, and then putting some medical alcohol on a clean tissue and starting to clean the wound. Her nose was burning with insisting sneezes, itching madly. Her eyes started to run and she blinked to see what she was doing. The cat whimpered as she touched his sore.

“I’b sorry little ode...”

She said and sniffed wetly again. God, she wanted to sneeze. Her allergy was really intense, there was little she could do against it but surrender. Her nose felt as if she had bees into it, the buzzing sensation was too much, she couldn’t resist it… oh, she needed to… she turned her head aside and let out a big:


Helen jumped, startled at the sudden noise, but the cat just blinked and purred a little. Anna laughed softly as she went back to what she was doing, sniffing harshly to keep her nose from running like a faucet.

“That didn’t scare you, boy?”

She finished cleaning the wound and leaned a little bit closer, trying not to inhale, but wanting to see how critical the wound looked. She nodded.

“It’s not too se… s-seri… huhhh… *sniff* s-serious. We’ll have t-to cl-c… huhhh…”

She backed off from the cat and turned aside and sneezed.


She got a tissue from the box and blew her nose, hoping most of the irritants would come out but not counting on it. She sniffed and rubbed her nose again.

“We’ll have to… huh… c-clean the wound for some days… haahhh-ssschuuh! now.”


“What are you goig to call hib?”

Helen looked at Anna’s runny nose and red eyes, giggling.

“I think I’m going to call him Pollen.”

Anna rolled her eyes and said, just before the allergy forced itself upon her poor nose again:

“Polled. That’s perfect. Aaahhh… huh-AAH-ssschhoo! Hh-tssschuhh!”

She gave the kitten a quick caress. Her nose seemed to be exploding as she did, and she tried to fight off the tingle by rubbing her nose again. Unfortunately she wasn’t thinking, and the hand she brought up to rub her nose with was the same hand she just patted the cat with.

“AH-TSSCHUH! Huh-AESSSHHHH! AH-ESSShuh! Aaaah… huhhh… huh-ISSSCHuh!”

This was agony. She rose from her chair and got out of the room, sneezing so hard she almost couldn’t walk.

“huhhh-hhh—TSSSCHHHAAAAH! My God I c… can’t stop… hahhh-AAATSSSCHUHH! S-sn… hahhh… oooh… huh-ISSSSCHUHH! sdeezingAH-TSSSHUH!”

The kitten with the fitting name Pollen purred and crawled up into Helen’s lap. He looked as if he’d like to stay forever. She patted him thoughtfully, trying to figure out a way to keep him. It would seem impossible, with her mother sneezing ceaselessly from being in the same room as he was, but Helen was born an optimist.

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Coooo!! I'm in love! This is amazing, and I could definitely enjoy more of the story of the kitten... hint, hint... :-)

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Anna knew she should’ve seen it coming, but she didn’t. “Pollen”, quite a name for a cat but since he made her sneeze like crazy it was rather becoming. HE was rather becoming. Grey and white, with big green eyes and the cutest little tail. He was cuddly. And like most cats, he was instinctively drawn to those who were allergic. Like her. Did anyone think he was going to stay with Helen, who had found him? No. Was he more interested in Thomas, or their oldest daughter Sophie? No. He wanted to be with Anna. He wanted to cuddle up next to her on the couch, purring and making her pat him.

Worst part was that she couldn’t resist him. The first days she kept away from him as far as she could, yet sneezing almost non-stop twenty four-seven. Pollen had his place in Helen’s room, as far away from Anna as possible. That didn’t help. The allergens from his fur were all over the house, and Anna’s poor nose was constantly tickling in response.

But then one day as both girls were in school, Thomas was working, and Anna had a day off, the cat was meowing all the time, sounding really depressed. Anna, who was stuffed with medication and still looked like she had been sitting in the middle of a haystack for a week, rose from her chair in the kitchen. She knew she shouldn’t check on the cat, because he was probably just lonely… and just by being in the same room would set her off again, and she had finally stopped sneezing. If only for a while, but she wanted it to last. She was so tired of sneezing and sniffing. Her nostrils were reddish and sore from all nose-rubbing and nose-blowing, but they itched still. Her nose was so runny she had to hold a tissue to it to keep it from dripping.

She opened the door to Helen’s room and Pollen jumped off the bed and ran towards her, purring.

“Hey boy, how…”

She was interrupted by a wet sneeze.


She brought a hand to her nose, didn’t want to rub it as the pain in her tender nostrils could trigger yet another sneeze, but the itch was insane. She HAD to rub it! She did so, very gently, but it did nothing to sooth the itch. She sneezed again.

Hhh-TSSSCHHHUHH! Oh by God… huh-ESSSHuhh!”

Pollen purred again and put his claws into her thigh.

“OW! Haah-isssHUH! OK, OK, cobe with be thed.”

She started walking towards the living room, sneezing every two seconds, and he ran happily after her, not a bit startled or scared of her violent sneezing.

She sat down on the couch with the novel she was trying to get through. It wasn’t easy to get peace and quiet to read when the longest you could go without sneezing was ten minutes, but she was trying.

“You p-pl… huh-ESSShoo! Play od the floor, I sit od the couch. HAH-ISSSHHUH! You get that?”

He didn’t. He kept trying to jump up to her, and she kept pushing him down, sneezing helplessly, and soaking the pages in the novel, not being able to read more than a few words until the next sneeze attack made her lose track again.


She blew her nose ferociously, but the sneezes kept coming. Every sneeze was fiercer than the last one, powerful, breath-taking hearty sneezes that sprayed everywhere. Then Pollen jumped up into her lap and rolled himself to a little ball. That was it. Her poor nose had had it with this cat. She pulled out a whole bunch of tissues from the box and held it to her nose, trying to stifle the sneezes.


She patted the cat, positive that it couldn’t do much harm now. She was mistaken. She sneezed harder and wetter than she had ever done before, not able to catch her breath in between, gasping for air and sneezing again, and again, and again…


Torture. This was the worst kind of torture anyone could come up with. She was really suffering, tears streaming down her cheeks and watery snot and saliva covering her face, she wiped it off with a tissue but she couldn’t stop sneezing. Allergy. Just a word, like any other word, but only those who really suffer from it knows its true meaning: misery.

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You're so right about not enough female sneezing and not enough allergies! Still at least you're correcting the balance now! Wonderful girly allergic stuff!

You know, we should get back to basics; a heart-warming story of a girl and her simple hay fever fit...


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Anna sneezed into her cupped hands and wiped them off on her jeans. She felt stuffed up all the way to her brain. Her eyes were closed, nostrils shivering, hands in front of her face to catch the next sneeze. She felt so miserable. Her stomach muscles ached and she moaned with discomfort as her tender nose started to tingle again. She tried to sniff, but she was too stuffed up to get any air through her upset nose.

The kitten lay beside her, sleeping. She couldn’t believe how he was able to sleep when she was sneezing, but he did.

“See what you do to be?”

She said in a congested, hoarse voice. The cat looked up at her and smiled. She could’ve sworn the damned fur ball was actually smiling! She gave him a quick caress and brought a fresh tissue to her nose with the other hand.

“Do you habe ady idea how kind I ab to you? HAH-ISSShuhh! I should kick you out so I cad stop sdeezig.”

The doorbell rung. Anna looked up with a terrified gaze. She didn’t want anyone to see her in this condition, she was a proud woman and she hated to seem vulnerable. It was enough that she was petite and fragile-looking, she didn’t want to seem fragile as well. The doorbell rung again.

Huh-ESSHH! I’b cobing Heh-ISSSCHUHH!”

She answered the door and found herself staring at a police uniform, complete with a police officer and all.

“Good afternoon. We’ve been called about burglary attempts last night, and I’d like to ask everyone that lives in the neighbourhood a few questions, if that’s OK?”

She could feel another sneeze creep up into her nose, tickling and prickling her tender nasal membranes. Quickly she brought a hand up to her nose, pressing her index finger under her throbbing nostrils and stifled the sneeze.


She blinked away an allergy tear and sniffed wetly.

“Of course officer, cobe id”.

He followed her into the kitchen. Pollen followed them both, woken from his doze.

Anna rubbed her nose with her knuckles, trying not to sneeze again. She was horribly embarrassed, but her itchy, irritated nose didn’t care, it wanted her to sneeze! She was furiously trying to stifle them, but they were so powerful she hardly could.


“Bless you.”

“Thags. I’b dot contagious, I’b just ahh…YEH-TSSSHHuh! Allergic to the caaaaahhhh-HNKXGH! Cat!”

“Oh. Well, what I was going to ask was if you recognize these men?”

He held up a photo. She tried to watch it carefully, but her eyelids fluttered as another sneeze stole her concentration. She wriggled her nose, frantically trying to fight off the tickle. The police officer waited patiently. Finally she opened her teary eyes and looked at the photos. She didn’t recognize either one.

“Do, I… I… huh-KGGHH! I don’t. I’b sorry”.

It was at that moment that Pollen decided he had waited for far too long for attention. He jumped up into her lap and proudly showed his fluffy tail. He decided to stroke it just under her tormented, itching, scarlet nostrils, setting a whole chain-reaction in movement. Her nose, exhausted and allergy ridden, detonated from inside out.

“Do, POLLED!” she cried in despair and pushed him down at the same time as she sneezed wetly and very, very violently. A whole cloud of saliva drops floated into the air, and she wasn’t sure, as she couldn’t keep her eyes open, but she believed some of it landed on the police officer’s uniform.


The only thing she could call that sneeze was “nose-rapist”. And her unfortunate nose wasn’t done yet. She gasped for air and kept sneezing.


She hardly noticed that the police officer thanked her and left her alone with the cat and all the sneezing. The raw, harsh sneezes kept on erupting from her, she was too tired to even articulate them anymore. They just threw themselves into the open air, one by one until she felt as if she was Allergic being Anna and not the other way around. Helplessly, incessantly sneezing she sat there, not able to do anything but sniff, gasp, sneeze, over and over again.

Tortured she turned in her chair, wanting desperately to escape her own body for a while. For how long could this go on? She felt like she had spent a lifetime sneezing now.


More? Suggestions? Opinions? :D I feel like I'm just gagging here. :D

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I'm starting to feel bad for the poor girl. Some way in which she could find some relief or better yet revenge might be nice.

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:laugh: First you want allergy suffering, then you don't! :P

Nah, just kidding. I know what you mean. She might find some relief in the next part, if I get around to write it. But not for too long. :nohappy::innocent:

But I must say she has herself to blame... she shouldn't have let the cat out, and why does she stay at home? :laugh:

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Her daughter is the one who brung the cat home. Let's get her back into the picture and she can see the state her mother's in.

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Suggestions? I hope that wasn't rhetorical. :twisted:

I just assumed that (in the next chapter) she'd be home alone with the cat one night when the burglars the police were looking broke into her home. There's potential for hiding scenes, plenty of discomfort once discovered, who knows... maybe have one of the robbers be allergic as well. Maybe that could have something to do with her escape? And subsequant calling of the cops? It would give her a reason to like the cat more, in any case.

Just a thought.

(And keep it up! This series is delicious so far!)

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Finally... part 4.


A little while later, the sneezing calmed down a bit. Not much, but enough for Anna to get into her wardrobe, sniffing desperately while searching…

HUH-mptshhh! Ugh…”

Her nose was so sore, just the thought of the ragged tissues made her make a grimace of pain.


Oh, she needed to blow her nose…

There! A bunch of old but clean handkerchiefs! She grabbed them and brought one of them to her anguished nose. The cotton cloth was cool and soft to her upset nostrils. She blew her nose forcefully and shuddered at the gurgling sound. It felt as if her nose was so filled she would never get it clear again. She folded the hankie and blew again, just as hard. Hot liquid sprayed between her fingers with a wet sound and she grimaced again as she wiped her nose and sniffed. Not much better, but a little. Her nose felt feverish and puffy, sinuses inflamed and swollen.

She got an ice bag ready and put it to her nose. The coldness almost hurt, but in a way she didn’t mind. The itchy, frustrating sneezy sensation finally calmed down. It felt so good she nearly wept. Then a latecomer escaped her.


She pushed the ice tighter to her nose and inhaled through her mouth. Her lips were wet from saliva and she licked them. The cat meowed by her feet.

“Doh boy, dow you’re od your owd for a while. I deed to get sobe rest.”

She walked past him and into the living room, where she lay down on the couch. The novel she had been reading was on the table, pages drenched with sneeze spray. She laughed quietly to herself at the sight. Yep, she was allergic to Pollen alright. As well the cat as the grains from the trees and grass. She still held the ice bag to her troubled nose. The feeling when the inflamed nerve fibres slowly got numb wasn’t unpleasant. Au contraire.


She must’ve fallen asleep, but she didn’t know for how long, when a sound woke her up. There was someone in the house, and she was positive it wasn’t her family! She got down on the floor, quietly, and listened carefully. Whispering voices in the hallway.

“They’re not home. I saw the car leave several hours ago.”

She made herself small, trying to think of things to do. Call the police. Somehow get out of the house. And…

Her nose started to itch again. She sniffed silently and rubbed it with her index finger, her eyes pinched shut. The tingle was making it difficult for her to think, and she felt a sneeze starting to build in the back of her nose. She rubbed her nose harder, desperately trying to force the sneeze back, to stop it, but there was nothing she could do. She buried her face into her arms and sneezed a restrained sneeze, as silently as possible.


It did nothing to ease the itch. With a look of utter desperation upon her face, she slowly realized that she was going to have another sneeze attack. And it was not going to be noiseless. Her nose was itching so bad that tears streamed down her cheeks. Another sneeze tickled her sensitive nose already, agonized she rubbed her nose with the palm of her hand but nothing worked. Her poor nose was running and she tried to sniff, but that only made the itch worse yet. She pinched her nose with her right hand and tried to inhale through her mouth, but even her throat was itchy and sore from all sneezing she had done before. Her sinuses burned. Soon she would launch an allergy attack and then she would be found. Possibly hurt.


She sneezed again, felt her nostrils widen underneath her fingers as she tried to keep the sneeze in, felt the wetness into her hand as it escaped her anyway. She wiped her hand off on her jeans again, and then pushed it to her nose again. Hard, as if she could stop the sneezes by force. The cat strolled into the room and she felt her heart sink. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to fight off a sneezing fit with the cat this close.

“Go away”

She mouthed, but he only came closer. She could feel how her helpless nose was filling up with cat allergens, and how it desperately wanted to expel them. She was imprisoned by her own allergies.

“Pollen, shoo, go away”

She whispered in despair, her nose was crammed with sneezes and they had to come out. She gasped for air but managed to stifle the sneeze before it had exploded completely.


That was it. It was too late for second chances, too late for a plan B, now it was only the plan S – sneeze. A monstrous sneeze let itself out of her nasal passages, and it was followed by another. And another. And yet another.


She swallowed the fifth sneeze with a horribly painful effort, then held her breath while trying to get up from the floor. Lying down wasn’t such a good idea, she had to get out of there now. Voices from the hallway again.

“What was that? There must be someone here!”

“A woman. Find her. Kill her.”

Anna sneezed again, a wet, noisy sneeze, and tried to make her way to the window.


Footsteps just outside the living room. She was sneezing almost non-stop while trying to open the window. Fear and the sneezing weren’t making it easier.


Her body was shaking back and forth with every sneeze, and she couldn’t keep her eyes open for even a few seconds at a time. She fumbled with the window, not even knowing if she was on the right spot.

“Leave her! Get out! Someone’s coming!”

She heard the voices screaming through her endless sneezing, and she also heard the doorbell again.



Minutes later, the police officer that had forgotten some of his pictures on her kitchen table and returned along with a colleague to get them back, had captured the two men and given Anna her allergy medication. She still sneezed every now and then, but she felt that her nose was at least a bit more under control.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital? That sneezing doesn’t sound too good.”

Anna wiped her nose with the tissue that he offered her and looked at him with watery eyes.

“I told you before it’s just ahh… aaah… AAH-XKGHH!! Allergies.”

“Bless you. I know you said so but that can develop into asthma. I just think you should get it checked. You sound awfully tired.”

“I ab. And officer, I’b fide. Really. It’s just by dose that’s… huh… ahh..ffected. Huhh-NKGHH!”

“Suit yourself. But one thing…”


He blinked at her as he rose from his chair.

“Don’t do that. Don’t stifle them, that’s dangerous. Just let them out.”

“That’s dot very polite.”

“I don’t mind. You go ahead and sneeze.”

And she did. As he asked her questions, she sneezed openly every now and then, just turning her face a little bit to the side. He enjoyed that view a lot more than he had liked her stifled ones. He sighed when he noticed the wedding ring upon her finger, but this moment with her was his own. Not her husband’s.

The end... for the time being, at least.

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