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Morning Misery - TMNT fic


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Well I thought it's about time that I posted a fic with Raph in it.

A couple of things tho

Author: Me

Disclimer: I do not own Raphael, but I do own his wife. Raphael Belongs to mirage studios

Rating: Mild swearing perhaps, maybe some bad bad words :)

Heads Up: The Raphael I'm writing about has a design I created but he is still the same otherwise here is a drawing I made


just a few things:

He have lost his left eye, got scars over his body and vampire fangs, he actually has 12 fangs, 6 in the uper jaw and 3 in the lower, but he only show you 2 here, maybe not to scare you away

Oh and he has taken over the leadership, after a battle in my story where he defeats Leo for a second time and Leo gives up.

His wife is named Ortyaky, she's a Neptunian feline has red hair, white fur, red stripes and purple eyes.

Morning Misery


The sun slowly rose upon the big apple and casting its rays over the blooming trees and sparkling water in Central Park.

It was in the middle of April and everyone was working hard for the summer holidays.

Down in the sewers hidden behind the brick wall, lay the Ninja Turtles lair, the green heroes of the city.

Everyone was up and at it except for Raphael whom just started to wake up; he upened up his only eye which was glossy and watery; spring was a joyfull season for many but not for him, all the pollen in the air drew him insane.

Giving out a groan he inhaled sharply and doubled over with the morning's first double; "Ehhh... heee...hhh.. Hetshhhhoooo!!... Ha..Choooo!!..." Then he sniffled annoyingly and then he got up, grabbed a bunch of tissues and blew his nose.

Then he heard a knock on the door and a soft voice behind it "Raph honey are you ok?" That was his wife Ortyaky, whom always seemed to ask that stupid question, he rolled his eye and replied "Why yeah everythin's dandy 'n fine, I just feel like my head's goin' to pop any second 'n like my eye's on fire" He said in his usual cocky way.

"Oh c'mon don't be such a sarcastic bum, doesn't hurt to ask ya know" Then she entered the room and looked at him with a grin "Breakfast's ready, they ordered your favorite, the spiciest pizza they had on the menu.. are you-" She got caught up as she noticed he was winding up another sneeze.

He rubbed at his nose with his knuckle then he snapped forth again with another body bending "Huuuuh....Huh..choooo!!" Then he sniffled and glanced at her and smiled sheepishly "'cuse me, the trees seem to be trying to fuck with my sinuses... Yes I'm very hungry so lets join the others shall we?" He shook his head and went into the living room where the other turtles and catgirls were waiting.

"Mor'n Raph! Ya look absolutely aweful, Pizza?" Was the first thing that flew out of Mikey's mouth, in return he recieved a slap in the back of his head by Raphael himself then he took the pizza and sat down in the armchair "You'r not a pretty sight either little brother" He said as he looked at Mikey whom had pizza crumbs, cheeze and whatnot all over his body.

Then he bit into his slice and felt the fire allready kicking in, Raph didn't like a pizza without and bite in it; it had to have alot of meat, garlic, alot of cheeze, jalapenos and whatever more spices they could put on it.

"So how was the hunt yesterday? how many did you kill?" He asked and looked at the small group. "Well the killer of yesterday'd have to be Zukzoky she got like 10 victims, then again she can lure anyone into her trap." Donatello laughed then took a sip of his green tea.

"C..uuh.. cool" Raph rubbed his nose with his knuckle again to get rid of the tickle but to no vail "Heeeh... CHooouuuu!..... eeeehhh. Huh-Chuuu!!... Echoo... heechuu... tssshhhh!!" after the fifth one he gasped for a second's breath then he doubled over with an earrining sneeze "HUUUH-TSHHHHUU!!!!" He burried his nose in the pile of tissues he was holding and then he blew his nose until he couldn't blow out anymore mucus.

Just then the turtle com ringed, Donatello picked up "Y'ello, what's the matter April?" April's voice was shaking and her eyes were wide "Help us... some guys came in and took us all in hostage.... They are threatning to kill us all if we don't have them on the news with their demands... hur~...." It was cut off before she could finish, there was no time to waste, the turtles ran towards the van.

Raphael got up and hurried into the van and got in the passanger side "Weapons ready once we get there, we'll have to sneak in the backway I think, that way we can take them by surprise." He looked over at Leonardo who added in "Stick to the shadows, once we get them tied up we'll turn them into the police" Then they parked the van behind the channel 6 building and snuck into the building the basement way.

They crept along the walls in the shadows not even one sound was heard just the air coming from the AC.

They stopped by the end of the hall where one of the criminals were standing guard.

Then all of a sudden, Raph feels the burning tickle returning in his sinuses... "Oh bloody hell not now!" He thought to himself and clamped his nose shut with his indexfinger and his thumb.

His eye began to close as the tickle grew stronger and moved back and forth "Gah... I'm not going to be able to hold this back much longer." He sighed, bad move, as he exhaled his breath hitched "heeeh..." He sniffed to hold it back the sneeze but it only made it worse.

Donny looked back and saw Raph's struggle "Oh no..."

TBC (if you wish me to continue that is :))

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