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Identical Sneezing


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Yes! It was the craziest thing! I'm not making this up: I was in Heathrow airport last month in a waiting area. Across from me was this woman who was sneezing off and on JUST like me (rather light, but insistent wettish het-choo!'s) After a few minutes, I had to sneeze too a few times, and the woman commented on how identical our sneezes were! She even looked a bit like me, except she had short, blonde hair and mine's long & dark. Sure made the wait more interesting.

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That is strange, but interesting all the same. I have yet to run into a sneeze mimic lol. I just thought it would make an interesting post. Maybe people that have similar traits as in looking alike, have a similar sneezing sound. Who knows. :twisted: Very interesting story though.

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