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My piano teacher! (F)


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So I am taking piano lessons at my piano teachers house, she is probably mid 30's or so but she is the epitome of a beautiful woman. Flowing dark brown hair, long beautiful legs, luscious red lips, and breasts that are ready at any minute to bust out of her blouse. Anyway, I had seen her sneeze once before from sort of farther away, as I was watching my sister practice, but I didn't experience it fully. Today, I was up sitting right next to her on the bench, and she was writing down my pages to practice in my schedule book thingie, when I looked up and saw her eyes fluttering and her breath hitching. Both hands came up to cup over her mouth and nose and "Keishooo!" She was also turned towards me, so I had the perfect view. It was probably one of the hottest things I have ever seen in my life. After, she said "Excuse me" and rubbed her nose with her finger. Hahaha, I hope I didn't give her my cold! :drool:

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Nice obs! I know exactly what you mean. I took piano lessons as a girl and about once a month, my teacher (a really sweet, brilliant, genteel man) would let out these uncharacteristic, enormous sneezes! Fascinating. Kinda makes it hard to focus on playing, huh? :)

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...with her finger. Hahaha, I hope I didn't give her my cold! :laugh:

You do? :laugh:

...Why? :lol:

Excellent Obs, thanks for sharing!

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Funny, I was just thinking that might be less than truthful! :laugh:

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