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Cold obs (f)


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This is a small obs about a woman, N. She is eastern European and in her late twenties. She has large blue eyes and blonde hair. She is quite tall and slim. She is very cute – both in looks and personality.

I saw her one morning and asked how she was and she said she had a cold. She sounded very blocked up. Later that afternoon, I had some forms to fill out with her. Her voice still sounded very congested, but there had been no coughing or sneezing from her so far. Well, that was about to change!

Suddenly, she got THE most obvious pre-sneeze expression ever! Her eyes rolled back, her mouth opened wide as she inhaled through it a few times. She brought both hands to her face to cover her mouth and nose and the sneezing began. They were loud and powerful, making everyone else in the office look her way.


There had been no break in between them and after she had finished, she looked tired and watery-eyed. Another girl and I had blessed her after sneeze number two, but of course she had been unable to reply. She looked at me and said “More than usual. I don’t usually have more than four.” I thought that was very cute!

A few weeks later, she had gotten over her cold and was sitting at her desk. I missed any pre-sneeze expression, but watched her as she sneezed “HA-CHOO! HA-CHOO!” They sounded every bit as forceful as her cold sneezes, but just a little less wet. I blessed her, and she looked at me with watery eyes and said “Thank you.”

I guess for some people, when they have a cold, their sneezes increase in number, rather than strength! :)

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