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Only one, but a good one! (f)


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I was visiting my friends last night playing Wii when I noticed my friend's very nice looking girlfriend E started sniffing harshly and pretty frequently. E is about 5'7, thin with very long light blonde hair and big blue eyes, for those curious :) . She always does the sniffing thing (which drives me CRAZY) and frequently talks about her allergies, so I actually didn't have much hope at all of seeing a sneeze. My hopes were dashed after about 5 minutes of no sniffing, but then I hear the most adorable, very breathy, "I need to sn--", and looked to see her, hand over her nose, prepping for a sneeze. The buildup lasted about three seconds before she sneezed a soft yet forceful "eshhuh". I was in heaven! She sometimes sneezes in multiples, but after about five minutes she seemed to have recovered from the first one.

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