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Photic/sun sneezes from my cute bf

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Ciao to everyone!

I've been running out of interesting obs recently because I really didn't got to see hardly any sneezes at all, this is SO sad and frustrating :blushing: and the only small-tiny-mini decent obs I can share with you is this one:

Soo, it was a beautiful sunny winter day, I guess it was some day last week, and I was in the car with my bf. I have already described him in another obs I have posted so I'll just say that he really looks like actor Josh Hartner but he's cuter (and sexier :lol: ahaha for me of course :bleh:).

Anyways, we were in his car, he was driving and I had this really bad cold that kept bugging me and all day I was fighting with the urge to sneeze and having these annoying pre-sneeze attacks. So I was there all concentrated on my sneeze that wouldn't come out when my bf suddenly said: "Hey, why don't you just stare at the sun? It works!" and I went like "naaah, it really doesn't work with me" and that's the truth, I could burn my eyes staring at the sun but no sneeze would come out <_< so he says "It sure works with me! Every time I have a sneeze that doesn't come out I look at the sun" and I go something like " really? I don't believe you, show me!" mwhuaahha :drool: knowing that the sun makes him sneeze was a temptation WAY to strong to resist in asking him to give me a demonstration! LOL!

So, while driving (!), he looks straight into the sun for about 2 seconds, then turns away quickly to keep an eye on the road, than stares at the sun once again for another 2-3 seconds... than I hear a light but very fast huh..! ..HUHH!! another second of complete silent and... EESSHUU!! he sneezes slightly at his left and over the steering wheel. He doesn't say nothing, gives a quick look to the street and again, without warnings ... EEEESHH!!! ! in his left hand.

I was sitting there all transfixed and wordless, it was wonderful!!! :wub::D

He turned to me was all happy that he had made it to sneeze and said "see? it worked with me!! It always does!" me in my freaky head --> REALLY??? :hyper:

then I saw him searching for a tissue in his pocket, took one, unfold it and gently blew his nose in it (so cute!!)

I know it wasn't anything special :unsure: but I hope you enjoyed a little bit in reading it anyway!

I hope to be back soon with some more sneezier obs to share! :blush: and in the meantime I wish you all a nice sneezy day!


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Totally yummy obs! Thank you so much! I have a soft spot for photic sneezing, because my hubby can do that as well. It's so cool! Sometimes, I have been able t coax a sneeze out using the sun or artificial light, but not all the time. Anyway, how daring that he did it while driving! Dangerous!!! :blush:

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Yes, photic sneezes are favourites of mine, too, and you described your boyfriend's sneezes beautifully. He seems to be quite gifted, as there aren't many people who can do it on command.

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Yes, photic sneezes are favourites of mine, too, and you described your boyfriend's sneezes beautifully. He seems to be quite gifted, as there aren't many people who can do it on command.

uhuh yes I've tried several times but nothing happens with me :P

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Excellent obs! What makes it so good it firstly that you were trying to sneeze, and indeed half sneezing, if that's the right term, and secondly the whole talking about it and photic inducing element. And the car just makes it better....

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I love phontic sneezes and the whole scenario is just adorable!

Thanks for sharing!

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Guest LadyErisana

One of my best friends is a photic sneezer but it's a shame that it's a girl. i'm definitely more turned on by male sneezing lol! but it's fun for story-plots hehe!

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I have some new photic obs of my bf, I'll write them down quickly !

Last week we went skiing and we were on the ski-lift when suddenly he looks at the bright sun and sneezes, lol, I kissed him and said bless you :omg:

Always the same day after a few hours we were walking in the snow, he was wearing sunglasses, he tooked them off, watched the sun and sneezed so powerfully that his sun glasses fell down LOL

after a few hours he did the same and sneezed again and some ladies who where walking by and saw him sneeze said "gesundheit!" (we were in a german speaking place) ..... he went all red and blushed and said "danke"!

Another sneeze escaped from him while we were at a restaurant, sitting outside on the terrace, bright sun warming us up, he sneezed loudly and wetly and needed a tissue afterwards. !!

Ok that's it, those were the sun sneezes I prefered from our snow holiday so I wanted to share them with you, but he did many more :eek:

I love my photic sneeze bf!!!

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