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I was a little stressed yesterday, having far too much work to do. But around mid-day I stopped to shower. I normally use a really mild soap, but I grabbed a bottle of Dial Spring Water body wash that I've never used before because I was out of the mild soap. I felt fine in the shower lathering myself. No more than the usual tickles that occur because I always get water in my nose. I jumped out the shower, dried off, and put on lotion. I went to the walk in closet to retrieve some clothes, and I stopped dead in my track as a sneeze, ARG CHOO ,made me bend at the waist. Before I could stand upright and reach to the top rack for a sweater, it happened again ACH CHOO. I bent at the waist again. And that was it. A few sniffles afterwards, but no more sneezing. I think it was the body wash that made me sneeze because I've been using the same lotion for years.

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I often sneeze from unfamiliar body wash, soap or shampoo (especially shampoo). Shampoo or conditioner can actually make me sneeze for hours after I get out of the shower, since my hair is long and gets in my face a lot.

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Wow, sneezing for hours :winkkiss: . Maybe I should shampoo my hair in that body wash, and see what happens. My hair is long too, and it takes forever to dry :D

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