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Classes have been going well, but as far as obs. go they've been pretty uneventful, that's why I'm so happy that I finally have one to share! :D

On the second day of class, my seat was stolen and I ended up sitting next to this guy F (I've gotten to know him better since this ob). He's about 5'7, thin has brown hair and eyes, and the cutest sneeze I've seen in a long long time! We talked for a couple minutes before class started and I noticed he sounded a little stuffy.

Towards the end of class we were finishing up a free writing assignment when his friend, seated on his other side, started talking to him and he suddenly pulled up his shirt collar so it was covering the bottom half of his face and sneezed onto his chest. :omg: I've heard people write about seeing this done before but I couldn't fully appreciate the hotness of it until I saw it for myself. Yuuuuuuuuummy!!

His friend started to say something but he held up a finger to stop her, I was so sure he was gonna sneeze again, I thought I'd even heard an intake, but he must have lost it becasue he didn't. After realizing he wasn't going to, he let go of his shirt and looked at his friend, "ugh *sniff* what?" He sounded so conjested when he said it too! :P

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