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Gf with cold


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Hi all,

I've been seeing this girl since around the beginning of December and as of last night she seems to be catching a cold! We were watching a movie at her place when she sneezed this drawn-out triple: "aaaESCHOO... (bless you, I said) Echoo! (Bless you, I said again, and she held up a hand, saying one more) aaaHeshoo!

"Bless you," I said a final time, and she smiled and shook her head and said "ugh thanks."

For the next several minutes she was sniffly. After one particularly large sniff I asked "Is something bothering your nose?" A hopeful question, clearly.

"I don't know," she said, "I was sneezing earlier and my throat's been a bit sore. I might have caught J's (a friend of hers) cold." A few minutes later she had what looked like a pre-sneeze expression, but she blew her nose and nothing came of it.

That's all that happened last night, but I'm extremely excited. She sneezed a few times when I first saw her (thus catching my eye no doubt), but since then has only had two singles that I've been party to. A little while ago I had a cold and got some fun sneezing around her, but I'm really hoping this is my chance to experience a lot more of her sneezing. So we'll see what happens. If my hopes are granted, I'll share;)

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She's definitely sick, and thankfully not too miserable either. A few more isolated sneezes last night, though we didn't get to spend much time together. I'm hoping for more today!

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Great obs! Thanks for sharing! Wish I could get myself a sneezy gf. Or a friend. :drool:

I hear ya pal. :twisted:

I always like your obs Morningsmith. Thank you.


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:drool: its really cute how you blessed her. I also think that took guts to then ask her if something was bothering her. But it sounded like it worked out because then it got you guys talking about it :twisted: very cute and well described! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!
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