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Quite a sneezy day!

Guest WRS

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Sorry for not posting for while, my computer has been acting up lately.

Anyway, the past few days were quite prolific as sneezing is concerned. The amount of pollen must have been sky high here because it seems everyone was doing it!

The first sneeze occurred while I was standing in line to go to class, behind me I heard a soft feminine "atoo" directly behind me, the same girl sneezed again and again and then again. The next five minutes in line were spent listening to her light sniffles.

Next, during the lecture one male in front of me moved his head slightly to the side as he brought his hand to his mouth and let a out a moderate sized "aaatchoo, before sniffling several times. "

A few hours later, I was in the bookstore when I heard another moderate "choooo."I turned to find a brunette Latina standing in the middle of the aisle fighting to keep the next sneeze in. Well, she lost that battle and cup her hands over her mouth and let out a much more forceful "atchooooie". She then proceeded to go through the bookcase, seemingly unaware that her hands were covered with billions of germs that had just exploded out her mouth and nose :drool: ! As it turned out I sat next to her during the next class I had and while she didn't sneeze there, she spend considerable time blowing her nose into some tissues.

However, the best sneeze by far took place in the early evening. I was about to visit a Professor during office hours, and while she was on the phone I stood out in the hall. A few doors over I heard two school administrators talking. It was nothing that interested me until one of them said "ohhh, this air filtering system, every time I have to sneeze..."(I don't know for sure but I think what she meant was that something in the building air was making her sneeze.) I didn't take me long to find out that that was a pretty accurate hypothesis because just a minute later I heard the wettest sneeze by far all day with a loud "Atcccccccccccccheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" a moment later she repeated the action again. Her friend across the hall blessed her in matter of fact manner, as if she had know that a sneeze was coming at that hour. What was particularly interesting about that sneeze was that you could hear every stage of the sneeze from her quick inhalation to the expulsion of matter. When I looked inside the office, I saw that the woman in question was a blonde in her late thirties, who must have weighed in at about 110 pounds. That was certainly proof that sneeze sound is not proportional to body size!

That was the last sneeze for a very exiting nasal day, hope you enjoyed!

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