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So I've been sufering from a cold all week (and right in the middle of the january exams, thank you irony gods...) which meant that by the time I got to my orchestra rehearsal last night I was pretty fed up. The annoying lapse in obs with which to distract myself seemed to be all that life could throw at me in the name of irritation, when suddenly I get a tickle.

Now those of you who play an instrument probably realise how inconvenient this is, especially when its crammed under your chin and you're using it to play some of David Stone's "arrangements", by which I mean careless tramplings. So as I sit there bored with his rubbish ostinato part, I suddenly feel a massive tickle in the back of my nose. I immedietly sneeze strongly into my elbow, quite wetly and doubled over in my chair. My desk partner jumps out of her skin as I do it again, and we all laugh for a second. As we sit there in a few bars of no playing, I hitch. Strongly. And I mean I basically hiccuped, but then I did it again. And again. And we started playing again. So I'm sitting there, trying to sneeze AND play at the same time, and I can feel my nostrils going on a jig until eventually I stop playing and put my finger under my nose until its gone away. By this time its not funny anymore, but at least it had gone away. Apparantly I looked like I was scared of the guy in front...

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Yes, sneezing while holding an instrument; excellent. I remember a violinist telling me about how her conductor had said [in a heavy Hungarian accent of course] " It is good to sneeze; but not so much." Any news of sneezing amongst wind or coperblasers; that could be spectacular...

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