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Self obs, While cooking, from pepper


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Hey everyone! Its been so long ... I hope I haven't lost my obs writing ability. Here we go ...

So I was making meatloaf and the recipe called for pepper. Now pepper doesn't usually make me sneeze, but I guess it was my lucky day. As I was adding the pepper I could feel a tickle in my nose start to creep up. I rubbed my nose and didn't think too much of it. I continued adding in the other ingredients, but the tickle persisted and I knew I was going to sneeze. Of course, I didn't want to sneeze in the food, so I lifted my shirt over my nose and mouth, hitched my breath a few times and sneezed 2 powersful "Hih, Heh eshhiieeeww!! Hih, Heh ishiioooo!" down my shirt, leaving sneeze spray on my chest. I sniffed a few times, pretty excited that pepper had finally made me sneeze, and went back to what I was doing.

My nose was still prickly while adding the last few ingredients and as I started to mix everything with my hands, the tickle grew stronger. Realizing that my hands were covered in meatloaf mixture I began to try to fight the losing battle. I sniffed, rubbed my nose with my shoulder, wiggled my nose, but the tickle continued to grow, and soon I realized the tickle had won. Not wanting to sneeze into the cooking, and not being able to cover with my hands or sneeze down my shirt because my hands were a mess, I turned around and squatted down towards the floor. Right as I got to position I sneezed, "Heh IIshhhiiieww! ... sniff, sniff ... Heh, Hih esshhIIIEEEWWW!!!!" down towards the floor. I said, "Ew!!" when I looked and saw the sneeze spray on the floor and on my shirt and promptly washed my hands and wiped the floor down.

I can't even tell you how EXCITED I was to finally sneeze from pepper!! I've tried regular pepper, white pepper, you name it and nothing has worked for me! Mabe this is a turn in a sneezy direction?

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What a spectacular obs! All that lovely detailed stuff about the tickle, leading up to "the tickle had won!"! What a very messy girl you are; but it's all right because you said "Ew" afterwards when you saw the consequences of your naughtiness. After all, you just couldn't help it! Let's hope that this will usher in a new era of pepper-inspired enjoyment...

Nice to see you back; I hope evryhting is going well in your new environs.

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