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Well..i was at the mall yesterday with my friend. As my friend was busy checking some stuff that he wanted to buy for his birthday, i had quite some free time to myself to loiter around. So, i was seeing some watches at the counter, when i noticed a pretty young lady minding the perfumes counter. I've always wondered if the ladies at this particular counter must be having any problems, if they discover that they're allergic to some fragrance or other.

Well, seems like yesterday was a really lucky day for me......'cause the pretty lady at the counter did have some allergy that was bothering her. She was twitching her nose, fluttering her eyelids....and i'm sure not an idiot to ignore surefire signs like that!!! So i kept my eyes on her, carefully, not letting her know that i was watching her with intent! Suddenly, she hitched her breathes, and out came a sweet li'l sneeze, a typical feminine hi..tcchoo....quite carefully stifled!! I was sure that was not the end..And boy! was i right!! That stifle seemed to have had backfired, as she frowned a bit, and let out a beautiful fit of 9-10 purr-fectly feminine, yet un-stifled huh...tishoo....huh..itshoo!! type sneezes!!

Boy! Was she relieved after the fit!! I could almost sense her relief, which she reiterated, by blurting out a quite sensuous "Uhhh...God!!!" after she was done with the sneezes!!!

My day was made, mann!!!!! :drool:

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That was a wonderful obs.

You know, when I went Christmas shopping, also in a mall, I met a lady there whom my brother used to know, and I learned that she had allergies. So I told her that I wanted to buy perfume. It was a lie of course. :drool: But I wanted the perfume to make her sneeze. Unfortunately, neither her nor the perfume lady sneezed. :twisted: So you are quite lucky.


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Nice obs....always great to be in the right place at the right time......besides that who cant love a female that reacts with the 'ohhh God" "wow" 'sheww" or something like that after a sneeze or 9

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