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Great MSN conversation

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This is the same girl in my most recent obs post.

Its about 3 hours later, she's feeling better now, we're playing 20 questons. Now, the last 2 questions I've done have been "what film makes you cry" and "what makes you smile about me". Now, at this point, I suddenly looked at the forum open in my favourites list, and, well you can guess what idea struck me.

So I feed in another question and then I send in my fourth in this pattern. I said something about "inspired by what I just did, (a total lie), what thing makes you sneeze the most in the world". On webcam, she rolls her eyes.

"Well, I guess dust or sunlight".

Not that I can believe I got away with this, I say "Sunlight? wierd. Ok, your question".

"What, you've never sneezed in sunlight before?"

"No, I didn't know you could."

"Yeah, I do it all summer long, and its not allergies lol, damn medicine doesn't work."

At this point I'm grinning broadly and don't want to mess up so I move us to the next question. But, wow. Anybody ever done this?

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Sounds like a fun conversation. Pretty much all sneeze conversations are. :D

I read your obs. That's super that you actually got to witness that on the webcam. You must have been syked. :D

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Very smooth and good obs from a conversation. I don't usually have the guts to do something like this. At most sometimes if someone actually starts talking about sneezing after they sneeze I try to draw it out if I gain the courage but that doesn't usually happen :P

Thanks for sharing with us!

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