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Alright, well this is going to be a huge mashpit of obs because well....I havent had time to post any of them before. So these obs go back to about.... October I'd have to say. But, recently we've had exams, and we all know what that means, right? Someones destined to sneeze alot.

Its been a good week so far with all the sneezes Ive seen, and over all a pretty good week. Hehe, I love being a sneeze fetishist, but anywho: On with the show!

This first obs was from about November, and ohmigawd it was sexalicious:

I was sitting in science class, learning about the hemoglobin and all its stuff, right? Little did I know that my friend, (Lets call him A) would be so effin sneezy Ill give you a little description of him. He's about 5'5, with this shaggy dirty blonde hair, and these peircing baby blue eyes. He's been my friend for a long time now, and he is just a pleasure to be around. Its like watching monty python all over again when your around him. He makes these funny, but yet perverted jokes all the time, and its just fun to listen to him. XD He wears long sleeve shirts usually, and is a bit of a nerd, . He knows about my fetish, and plays around with it a bit. >D But ANYWAYS, on with the obs. I was looking up to see my coach (aka teacher) Talking up in front of the white board, explaining all of the substances of a cell. Invigorating, right? So I guess my friend starts to like to be a little terd, and decides to start sneezing like a mad man. "Hep-chtuu!" He sneezed with a light and airy force. "Hep-CHUU!" another one. He had already caught my attention by then, and I was starting to get intrigued. (And a bit turned on also. ) "Hep-CHUU! E-tshuu! Hep-tsheeew!" OK. He got me having underwear inferno at that time. 5?!?!?! How the hell is that possible in under a 3 minute limit. So, the teasing continued. He kept sniffling every other minute, which is like a bit of a tease for me, and I was getting ancy in the pantsy. Could there be more? >D Answering my question, yes. He sneezed FIVE in a row. "Etchuu! Isheww! Hep-CHEWW! isheww! psh-euu!" Okay. So, we were up to 10?!?!?!?! If you can answer this question, you get a 100 on your exam.

1. What is Merodii doing right now?



C- Grinning like an idiot.

D- All of the above.

If you guessed D, YOU ARE CORRECT! Seriously, I bet even people that DONT know I have the fetish could tell I was being turned on helplessly. XD Then, he stares straight at me, and gets the pre-sneeze FACE OF DOOM! *drools* First, an intake of air. Second, he lost it. Finally, he breathes in quickly and sneezes a final, "hep-thcheww!"

I was in heaven. That was it for the day.


This obs happened during my LA class. Oh boy.

I have this friend called frap. Ive posted an obs about him before. He has green eyes,and blondish hair.

He gave these two manly, "HRSHHEEW! HRASHHHEW!" right in the middle of social studies class, and he smiled at me. Hehe, it was beautiful.

Ill add more to this later, I cant type at the moment. But, I hope you enjoyed this. Hehe. Comments appreciated <3

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*squeebles* omg...i do love how you spell them for us!!! sheesh.....why cant i have a science class like that?!?!?!

*flails about for you*

uhm...yes....now i need to get students like that.....i wonder how long it would take for me to stop being able to speak.....uhm...yeah...not long...

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Aww, how come my science classes aren't this fun?

Seriously though, you are one lucky girl. Cute guy+cute sneezes= ;) Yeah, you know it's true! Thanks for sharing!

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I actually love science class (without the sneezes) so I would probably get frustrated if that happened to me...but in any other class that would be the awesomest thing ever!

These obs are so cute! Gosh you are so lucky!

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