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Kudos to Chui!

Guest dustbunni3

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Hippo did the artwork in her signature. :drool: I agree...it was HOT! I think a few other people have artwork by Hippo in their signature as well.

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:) Well, i'm glad you like it. :twisted:

All my new art is posted on the other forum now ( including a newer coloured Sanzo) , but that here, if you like. :drool:

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*EEEEEEP!!!!!!!* :shy:

oh no!!!! :cry: i never saw this until today!!!!! im sooooooo sorry....... *flails about*

*spends ten minutes flailing and wailing like a nitwit*


the pretty boys in my head said it was time for a change.... :(

really and truly, all the credit has to go to the absolutely wonderful and lovely and amazingly talented (hippo) for the utter droolworthy creations she blesses me with....

wait a minute.....did you say colored Sanzo??? :eyebrow::D

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wait a minute.....did you say colored Sanzo??? :dead::laugh:

Well, it's not SUPER new, but to these forum folks it would be. YOU know the one. :laugh:

I'll post it here, k? :lol:

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Well I'd like to say Kudos to hippo and Chui for being monumentally silly in thredjacks cool!


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